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Recap written by Christine

At the main house, Victor called Sutton, who was at Society. Victor asked if Sutton had considered his proposal. Sutton had been wondering whether or not Victor could be trusted. Victor stated that he’d give Sutton the incriminating letter from Victor, and in exchange, Sutton would owe him a favor one day. Victor ended the call. Adam entered the main house hoping to talk to Victor about business strategy, but Victor asked if they could postpone it because he had other things on his mind. He exited into another room just as Nikki walked in. Adam asked Nikki if she knew why Victor was preoccupied. She did not. She asked how Connor was. According to Adam, he was happy to spend time alone with his mother. He’d been a little curious why Rey was there so Adam told him that he’d sent along someone he trusted. Adam admitted he was glad Rey was there, since it was probably safer for everyone. Nikki agreed. He told her she didn’t have to make polite conversation every time they were together, because he knew what she thought of him. “I might surprise you,” she replied.

Nikki thought she and Adam should be honest with each other since he was going to be living on the ranch. She stated that they had a difficult history. He didn’t think they should mince words. “We haven’t liked each other very much. Actually at all,” he replied. She agreed that was accurate, but she noticed he was trying to improve. Her first instinct was to keep a close eye on him, in case it was all an act, like in the past. “But apparently, I was wrong about you,” she admitted. She knew how difficult it was to change, and she respected his effort. He was trying to be a better man, a loving father and dedicated son, but a lot of this was uncharted territory for him. Sometimes he wished he had a road map. She told him he had an entire family invested in his success, and if he got lost, there would always be someone to put him back on the right path. She was rooting for him. That meant a lot to him. She said he ever started to backslide or he put any of them in danger, he’d go right back to be enemy number one. He said he learned a long time ago never to underestimate her. “Good. Keep it that way,” she told him, and she left the room.

Later, Victor walked into the living room, and Nikki told him Adam was gone. She asked why he’d been distracted. He noted that they were going to Italy tomorrow. She couldn’t wait. He was trying to tie up loose ends before the flight. She was glad he sent the flowers to congratulate Victoria. He said Nikki reminded him that he wasn’t handling the merger the best way and that he should’ve congratulated Victoria for pulling off quite a coup. Nikki thought that Victor had been magnanimous, but she felt that he should congratulate Victoria in person before they went to Italy. He asked if she was saying what he did wasn’t good enough. She smiled and said she was keeping him honest. “No one does it better,” he replied.

Amanda was antsy because she thought she would’ve heard something by now. She paced around her suite until Devon convinced her to sit. She asked how he could be so calm, and he said it was because he knew that if Victor said he was going to do something, he did it. He advised patience. She couldn’t handle it and jumped up to pace around again. Imani showed up and announced that they had a problem – Naya was gone. She wasn’t in her hotel room, and none of the hotel employees had seen her all day. Amanda recommended they stay calm. Naya could’ve gone on a long walk, which wouldn’t be a bail violation. Devon said he’d go and let them figure this out, but he was a phone call away.

Amanda said Naya picked the worst time to disappear. She was waiting to hear back from Victor, but they wouldn’t be able to get an acquittal without a defendant. Imani asked what they should do. Amanda said the first step was getting into Naya’s room. Imani reiterated that Naya wasn’t there. That meant they couldn’t get in. Amanda said that when she realized she had to rely on herself, she learned not to let little things get in her way. The sisters left. They returned later, and Imani admitted she thought Amanda was going to handle things differently. Amanda assumed Imani thought she’d pick the lock to Naya’s room. Imani said the important thing was that Amanda convinced security to open the door. The room had been cleaned out, and Amanda didn’t understand why an innocent woman would skip bail. “It’s easier than telling her well-meaning daughters no,” Imani suggested. She thought Naya may have left because she figured out that they were going back on their promise not to implicate Sutton in her defense. However, the last time Imani talked to Naya, it didn’t seem like Naya knew anything about that. Amanda thought there could be another possibility, but she didn’t get a chance to share her thoughts because Sutton showed up.

Sutton told his granddaughters that Naya was gone. Amanda asked Sutton if he told Naya to run. Sutton asked why he’d come to them for help if he knew where Naya was. Imani asked if that’s why Sutton really came. “Not everything I do has a sinister motive. You used to know that, Imani,” Sutton replied. Amanda maintained that Sutton was usually up to something. She still thought this was all an act. He asked what he’d done to deserve this suspicion. She thought it was time they stop pretending. She wanted him to know she was going to prove he was guilty of her father’s murder. She demanded to know where her mother was. He didn’t know, and he said they had to work together to find her. She ordered him to worry about his damn self, and he asked if that was a threat. She said she’d find her mother and she’d handle things the way she always did – alone. “Now you took my sister from me. You deprived me of my father, and I will be damned if you take my mother from me to, so you better get the hell out of here,” she snarled, and he left. Amanda told Imani to listen, because they needed to focus. In the hall, Sutton texted Victor that he was on his way.

Sutton arrived at the main house and told Victor that he’d just had an angry encounter with his granddaughters. Victor knew the feeling of being at odds with your family. The situation had given Sutton clarity – he wanted the letter, and he’d give Victor the favor some day. Victor said he thought about it and decided to give the letter to Amanda instead. Sutton asked what kind of game Victor was playing, noting that Victor had said he had no allegiance to Amanda. Victor said it had nothing to do with Amanda; he just didn’t want to help Sutton. Victor said he and Sutton had played on the edges of legality, but this was different – Sutton committed a crime and betrayed his family. Victor had no tolerance for that.

Victor said Sutton was the head of his family. There was no greater responsibility. He stated that Sutton was given the gift of two beautiful twin granddaughters, and he turned his back on them to protect himself. Sutton maintained that he’d done what he had to do. Victor thought all politicians said that. “You are no better than me. I’ve heard all the stories about your awful relationships with your own children,” Sutton snapped. Victor was sure Sutton hadn’t heard all the stories, because there were a lot of them. Victor admitted that he made mistakes, but he said he never turned his back on his family and left them to their own devices. That was why he created a company with his son and why he appointed his daughter to run the company he created. “You turned your back on your family out of selfishness, now you’re paying for that,” Victor stated. Sutton said, unlike Victor, he didn’t have billions of dollars to buy his way out of his problems. Sutton believed he’d had to remain untouchable and keep his power base secure, to make sure his family came first. Victor said Richard got in the way of that. Sutton went on a tirade about Richard. He felt that Richard wasn’t like the Ames family. Richard was a nobody who was lucky to have even made it college with that background. “And my pride and joy had to go and get herself pregnant with that… Well if that meant that two accidents of birth had to be sacrificed, then, by God, so be it. It was for the greater good. I can live with what I’ve done. Richard was a nobody. He was a gnat. And he could’ve brought down everything I’d worked for. Well that was a risk I was not willing to take. Now give me the damn letter,” Sutton growled. Amanda and Imani walked in. Sutton glared at Victor, who smiled back.

Sutton tried to do damage control, but Amanda told him they’d heard the whole thing. Sutton said he’d deny it, and Amanda revealed that she recorded every word. She said this was what she needed to save her mother and prove he had her father killed. She noted that Victor knew just how to keep Sutton talking. Amanda informed Sutton that the letter never existed. At first, Sutton was adamant that the charges would never stick, then he turned desperate and begged Amanda to tell him what she wanted. “I want my father back, you son of a bitch,” she replied.

Sharon was at Crimson Lights when she got a text from Mariah. Abby and Tessa rushed in announcing that they also received texts from Mariah. At Abby’s suggestion, they compared the messages. Mariah told Abby that she felt overwhelmed by everyone’s constant concern about her health. The text to Tessa said Mariah was extending her exploratory business trip, and she needed a break. The text to Sharon stated that Mariah had to get away from getting smothered, and she was sorry for keeping everyone guessing. Mariah’s text to Abby also said she’d be back before the next doctor’s appointment and she was taking good care of herself and the baby. They all promised to make sure Mariah didn’t feel smothered when she returned.

Tessa and Abby went home. They apologized to each other and they both took the blame for the recent tension between them. Tessa was so glad that no one from her past had taken Mariah. Abby said their fears had been implausible, but they felt real. “I’m the person who knows Mariah the best. I just – I don’t know, I figured that the mood swings were a from the pregnancy, but it was a reaction to me,” Tessa said. “And me,” Abby replied. They resolved to do better. They both felt bad that they didn’t notice Mariah was having such a hard time. They agreed that they’d give her some space when she got back. Devon came over. He thought this was all good news – Mariah was taking care of herself and the baby, and there was no tension between Abby and Tessa anymore. Tessa was still bothered by the fact that Mariah wouldn’t call any of them, and she only reached out through text. Abby said maybe Mariah was worried that if she heard their voices, she’d be tempted to come back before she was ready. Tessa guessed so. Devon decided he should go check on Amanda, and Tessa hoped everything was okay with her. Abby thanked him for talking her down the other day by reminding her what Chance would say to her. Devon said she had a good guy who loved her and put her first. She felt lucky to have Devon remind her of that.

Sharon had just said goodnight to the last customer and was getting ready to close when Adam arrived asking if he was too late. She said she never turned down someone in need of a cup of coffee. She admitted it might not be her business, but she was curious how Connor and Chelsea were. He said it was definitely her business since she was the one who convinced him to let Chelsea take Connor to Minnesota, and… Sharon finished his thought by noting that Rey got recruited into going on the trip. He said it was going well, according to Chelsea and Connor. He asked if Rey agreed. Sharon had talked to Rey, but he didn’t ever say much about his work. She hoped Adam wouldn’t regret her advice to let Connor go with his mom. He said he had to work hard to sell Victor on the idea. He admitted Victor wasn’t entirely wrong about the risk. There was a chance this became a problem later – what if Chelsea wanted to move near Anita, or anywhere else. She’d push to have Connor live with her permanently. He felt strongly that Connor should live with him and that he should be the custodial parent. “Even if Chelsea does get a clean bill of health,” Sharon said. Sharon could tell Adam was holding something back, and she assured him that he could talk to her about anything.

“Chelsea faked her breakdown?,” a shocked Sharon said, as she sat at the table with Adam. “To a degree,” he replied. He stated that Chelsea wasn’t well, no one who did what she did to Rey could be. Chelsea was convinced Adam betrayed her, and her mind took her to some dark places. Sharon asked why someone with a good reputation like Dr. Hedges would get involved, and Adam said it was for the money. Sharon was surprised Adam was going along with Victor’s plan, given Chelsea’s objective was to frame him. Adam said he had no idea what his father had done, since he’d been on the run. When he came back… Sharon stated that he was in the hospital donating a kidney to Faith. When he learned the truth, he kept his mouth shut because he didn’t want Connor’s mom in prison, and he hoped being in the mental hospital would help her heal. Sharon understood why he made this decision.

Adam said he blamed himself for so much of what happened. He knew lying about her mental state was just the beginning of Chelsea’s crimes. He tried not to dwell on it since she had their son right now, but when push came to shove, Chelsea always reverted to form. Sharon pointed out that some people might say the same about Adam. He conceded her point. He’d just had a conversation with Nikki about that very thing. Sharon assumed Nikki thought the worst of him. Adam said Nikki was giving him the benefit of the doubt for now. He hoped Sharon would have as much faith that he could pull this off. “You really have to ask?,” she replied.

Adam was getting satisfaction from putting in the work to try and be a decent person instead of reveling in being bad. Every day was a new challenge, but he liked it. He thought of all the time and energy he invested in creating conflict, not to mention the weight of all the hate and anger. He wished he’d come to this realization a long time ago. Sharon said you couldn’t always force change. He thought about how sure Chelsea was that he’d steal Connor from her. She was primed to think the worst of him. He thought maybe letting Chelsea take Connor on the trip would have unexpected dividends. Sharon suggested it could be important for Chelsea to see he trusted her. He said maybe Chelsea would see him in a different light. Sharon asked when Adam started caring what other people thought. “It has always been important to me what you think of me. You know that,” he told her. She smiled. “Worry about the rest of the world, right. We’re fine,” she replied.

Sharon was walking away from the table as Adam said he missed her. She suggested he was just lonely because he and Chelsea were through and Connor was gone, but he said it was deeper than that, and it’d never change. She replied that Faith was waiting, and she had to leave. He thanked her for staying open. Her back was turned, but he lingered for a moment and stared at her before he left. As Sharon closed up, she had several flashbacks to emotionally charged and tender moments with Adam. She remembered telling him she wanted to help him out of the dark place he was in. She flashed back to thanking him for risking his freedom to rescue Faith. She’d said she’d never forget what he was willing to sacrifice for her and her daughter. She remembered him telling her that she was part of him, and she always would be. “You see me, Sharon. You see me in a way no one’s been able to. Not even Chelsea,” he’d said. He knew nothing could come of it, though. Sharon then remembered the time she told Adam that they weren’t going to get back together. She’d admitted she’d never love Rey the way she’d loved Adam, but that didn’t mean her love for Rey wasn’t strong. She said Rey gave her strength, but things were complicated with Adam. After the flashbacks, Sharon left.

Adam was alone in his darkened office with a drink in his hand. He remembered trying to convince Sharon not to let him get taken to the mental hospital. He begged her to save him, and she said she couldn’t. He flashed back to the time they went to Kansas because of AJ Montalvo. She told him to rest, and she’d promised she wouldn’t leave him. He then flashed back to telling Sharon how he felt about her. She’d insisted that he loved Chelsea, not her. Adam had maintained that he and Sharon were meant to be. He remembered pulling her into a kiss at Society.

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