Days Short Recap Tuesday, July 20, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ questioned Sami about Nicole’s humiliation. He thought it was strange that Nicole talked about Sami not being someone to judge her. Sami didn’t take the bait and say anything about herself. He kept asking her how Nicole was exposed in front of a room full of people. He also wondered how Sami managed not to say anything about what happened to Eric. She said she didn’t want to hurt Eric. Nicole tried to talk to Eric about being with Xander. He was ready to go, but she told him about leaving town for so long. He didn’t think she should have been with Xander when she hated him the same way he did. She knew that and wanted to talk about what happened as man and wife. Theo asked Chad to be his best man. Ciara asked Allie to be her maid of honor. She told her about how great Theo was and that she loved him. Claire told Ben that Ciara and Theo were getting married. Eric told Nicole that they did talk and made a decision. She reminded him how they agreed to help his niece. He said she agreed to do it. She told him how she didn’t expect to be alone. He didn’t think that justified what she did. He said that if things were bad she should have told him. She told him that she tried to tell him. She was going to send an email. Philip said that Lucas should get Nicole to give EJ the letter from Kristen. He told Lucas that Sami would never forgive him if he gave the letter to EJ.

EJ was surprised that Sami didn’t say anything after Xander told what happened. Sami didn’t feel the need to say anything. He thought something else was at play. He wanted to know what she wasn’t telling him. She said she was ready to confess. Sami admitted that she paid Xander to admit to what happened with Xander. EJ loved it and couldn’t believe she did it. She said she didn’t enjoy it, but she thought Eric needed to know the truth. Eric and Nicole continued to talk about what she did. Eric blamed himself for what happened. Ben couldn’t believe that Ciara would marry Theo on their anniversary. Claire said she didn’t know about it. Ben told her that he told her it was their wedding date. Allie asked Ciara if she wanted to hurt Ben by getting married on their anniversary. Ciara said she wanted to remember it as the day she married her best friend. She didn’t want it to be remembered as the day she married a serial killer. Chad thought he and Theo might be rushing into getting married. Theo said Ciara wanted to get married on her anniversary. Allie continued to talk to Ciara about Ben changing. Ciara heard all of it before. Allie told her how she and Ben were in love. Philip wanted Lucas to go to Nicole and give her the letter. Lucas loved Sami too much to do that to her. He threw the letter in the garbage. Allie talked to Ciara about the wedding, but she didn’t want to hear it.

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