GH Short Recap Monday, July 19, 2021

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Recap written by Suzanne

Sonny phones Nina to tell her about Larry’s tumor. Nina will meet them back “home” in Nixon Falls and will pay for his treatment. Sonny convinces Larry to let Nina do that.  Nina is sorry to leave Wiley; she has a chat with Willow. Meanwhile, Brooklyn lets Maxie say goodbye to Louise when she takes her to the hospital for her checkup (Maxie is leaving town). They run into Austin; Brook Lynn is rude to him. Maxie has a short chat with him and is surprised to learn that he’s Brook Lynn’s cousin. In Ryan’s Bar in New York, Valentin and Anna track down the pilot who was supposed to pick up Peter and the baby, but he tells them it didn’t happen. They wonder where Peter went.

At the Metro Court, the teens chat and hang out at the pool. Josslyn tells Trina about her and Cam. She’s relieved when Trina tells her that she’s fine with it. Upstairs, Spencer keeps giving his dad a hard time about Ava. Spencer sees Ava and tells her they can get a no-fault divorce in 2 weeks. She wishes it were sooner. She and Austin run into each other at the bar. He can tell that she and Nikolas are still a thing because they keep stealing glances. She tells Austin about her stalker. Spencer leaves and greets his old pals Cam and Joss at the pool.

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