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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Eli told Gwen that Julie saw Dr. Snyder on the couch with Xander. Gwen lied and said the man was Xander’s friend who looked like Snyder. She told him to go to Xander if he had any questions. Sami went to Xander and offered him a million dollars to admit that he had an affair with Nicole. He didn’t want to do it at first, but he was willing to do it if she threw in her necklace. Gwen came in and told Xander that the police were on to them. He told Sami to forget about the necklace. He would take the money. He said he would sing like a canary. When Sami left, Gwen told Xander it was only a matter of time before the police came for him. Eli showed up and asked Xander for the name and number of the friend who was drunk on the couch. Xander asked why he was investigating the case when Snyder died of natural causes. Eli said that information wasn’t released to the public yet. Eli continued to ask him questions.

Sami went to the Horton house to give Xander the money. Gwen told her he was arrested. Eli cuffed Xander in the interrogation room. Eli wanted him to tell him everything he knew about Snyder. Lucas went to EJ’s office. When Lucas was about to show him Kristen’s letter, Kate showed up. She thought he was there to judge her about her job since he was still upset about her pretending to be blind. She wanted him to leave, but EJ wanted him to stay. Lucas ended up leaving. EJ asked Kate if she thought Lucas was falling for Sami. Kate thought it was possible since he did it before. EJ said Lucas was going to have to accept the fact that he was back in Salem for good and has reconnected with Sami. Lucas ran into Philip at the pub. Philip told him he and Chloe were back together. Lucas was happy for him. Philip asked why he lied about having a brain tumor. Lucas told him what happened with Sami. He pulled out Kristen’s letter. He said he shouldn’t show it to EJ because Sami wouldn’t forgive him. Philip told him to fight dirty to get Sami. Philip told him to give EJ the letter but make sure EJ didn’t know it came from him.

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