Days Short Recap Wednesday July 14, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

 Lucas wondered why Nicole wanted to find Kristen. She told him she wanted to prove that he and Sami had an affair. She said Theo couldn’t get Kristen’s number, but she would find another way to prove it. Nicole walked away. Brady told Xander that he knows he blackmailed Nicole into giving him a job. They argued until Nicole showed up. Xander told Nicole to shut Brady up before he left. Nicole and Brady talked about her marriage. She didn’t know if she had a marriage to save. She said it was her anniversary. He told her to take the day off. When Nicole went home, she saw flowers in a vase. She read the note on the table. Eric came out and told her happy anniversary. She was happy to see him.

Lucas called Sami and asked if she found Kristen’s letter. She told him Gabi and Jake read it, but she burned it. She said EJ would never know the truth. Lucas said he wasn’t sure about that. He said Nicole was determined to expose their affair. Sami told Lucas that things were good with EJ. She said she couldn’t let Nicole expose her affair. She hung up the phone. Lucas looked at the letter and said EJ might not find out the truth from Nicole. Lucas wanted to meet with EJ at his office. Sami went to the Horton house to meet Xander. She wanted to know the truth about him and Nicole. Jake and Gabi talked about Kristen’s letter. Jake wanted to use it, but Gabi thought they did the right thing. He said he needed something to take down EJ. She said she could help him with that. She said she would convince Philip to hire him. She said when Philip messed up, she would take over as CEO. She said she would take down DiMera. Jake loved the idea.

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