Days Short Recap Friday, July 16, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole asked Eric if he was staying in Salem. He said he had to leave but only for a few weeks. He said he would be home for good. Philip and Lucas talked about Lucas getting EJ Kristen’s letter. Lucas said he needed to find someone who wouldn’t mind sticking it to EJ. Roman wanted to know who they were talking about. Lucas and Philip said they were talking about Jake. Roman talked to Lucas and Philip about Kate and Jake. Roman told them he was throwing a party for Eric and Nicole. He said it was family only. Lucas and Philip were about to leave when Chloe and Brady came in. Chloe asked Philip to stay for the party. Belle went to see EJ. She told him she went over Chad’s contract with him. EJ said there was tension between him and Chad. She said she could relate to that. He talked to her about his marriage to Sami. He told her he and Sami reconnected. She was happy to hear that. Sami went to the interrogation room to see Xander. She told him she didn’t want him to record the confession. She wanted him to blow up Eric and Nicole’s marriage live. He said he was in jail. He said he would be out tomorrow. She said tomorrow would be too late.

Sami told Xander the plan to expose the affair. He wanted to tell Eric privately so everyone wouldn’t hate him and he didn’t get fired. He said he needed a job. She yelled at him until EJ called her about the party. When Sami got off the phone, Xander said he wanted all of the money up front. She gave him the suitcase. EJ went to the party. He saw Lucas at the party. EJ told Lucas that he knew he and Sami got close. EJ said Allie was doing better now so there was no reason for him to be around Sami. EJ wanted to know what Lucas wanted to tell him the other day. Sami came in before Lucas could answer. Lucas walked away. EJ said Lucas had something to give him but he never gave it. Eric and Nicole arrived at the party. Brady and Philip argued with each other. Nicole and Sami argued with each other. People made toasts at the party. Sami kept looking at EJ’s watch. He wondered if she was looking for someone. While Nicole and Eric were making speeches, Xander showed up. Xander said Nicole was having sex behind Eric’s back.

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