Days Short Recap Tuesday, July 13, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Abe went to see John and Marlena. He told them what happened to him because of Paulina. He said people weren’t happy with him now because of Paulina and her plans for the Town Square. John and Marlena said it wasn’t his fault. Abe blamed himself. He said he’s mayor and he went to bat for her. Marlena asked if there was a way to stop it. Abe said Paulina did everything legally. Marlena asked if Paulina wanted to work things out. Abe said it was over. Paulina went to see Lani. Lani slammed the door on her. Paulina kept nagging Lani until she let her in. Paulina wanted to talk to Chanel, but Lani told her she wasn’t there. Paulina sent her a text. Lani told her all of the things she did wrong. Paulina begged Lani not to turn her back on her. Lani told her to leave. Allie asked Chanel about the kiss. Chanel said she was starting to have feelings for her beyond friendship. Allie said she felt the same way. She said she thought about her all the time. Allie said she was confused. Chanel said Allie and Tripp weren’t serious so they should see where things go between them.

Tripp showed up at Allie’s apartment. Chanel went for a walk so Allie and Tripp could talk. Allie told Tripp that she and Chanel kissed again. She said this time it was mutual. He asked where that left them. She said she wasn’t breaking up with him. She said she was confused, but he was the one she wanted. He said he wanted her to be happy. He said he cared about her. She said she cared about him. They kissed each other. Chanel ran into Paulina at the Square. Paulina said she would carve out a spot for a bakery. Chanel said she wanted nothing to do with her. Abe showed up in the Square. Chanel walked off. Paulina said she would do whatever it takes to make up for what she did. Abe told her to stop the demolition. When she didn’t answer, Abe said that was what he thought. He walked away. Julie went to the police station. She told Eli that Xander and Gwen killed Snyder. Eli said Snyder died of natural causes. Julie asked how he ended up in a lake with his clothes on. She asked about Gwen’s lie about the last time she saw him. Eli agreed to question Gwen.

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