Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, July 14, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Victoria asks Ashland to move in with her and admits to him she is falling in love with him. Ashland tells Victoria that he shouldn’t have let their relationship go so far and he must go back to New York. Ashland and Victoria announce the merger of their two companies via a live c stream. Ashland also announces that he is ill but he doesn’t mention he has cancer.

Victor thinks Adam has lost his killer instinct, but Adam tells Victor he thinks Victoria won’t be able to handle the details of the merger and he will be ready to take Locke Communications once the deal falls apart. Billy tells Jack that he thinks Victoria is in love with Ashland and she will be hurt if he dies.

Sally asks Tara to meet her at the park. Sally asks Tara if she leaked the video that she took at the park. Tara admits to Sally that she sent a copy of the video to herself before she erased the video from Sally’s phone. Sally doesn’t appreciate being lied to by Tara and being put in an awkward position. Sally storms off and Tara leaves smiling because her plan worked but the ladies are unaware that Billy overheard their conversation.

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