Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, July 13, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Moses and Faith have a fun day together riding horses at the ranch. Moses asks Faith where she thinks their relationship is going and she tells him they are best friends. Faith later tells Nikki what happened with Moses and admits that she froze and didn’t know what to say to Moses. Nikki tells Faith that she will have another chance to tell Moses how she feels about him. Moses tells Nate and Elena about what happened with Faith and Elena tells Moses maybe Faith got scared about taking the next step in their relationship but he shouldn’t give up on her he should just wait until she is ready to take the next step in their relationship.

Sutton talks to Amanda and Imani about the strategy to defend their mother Naya in court. Amanda doesn’t tell Sutton anything about the defense strategy and says that if they need his help they will let him know.

Iman I continues to flirt with Nate although she knows Elena is his girlfriend. An anonymous video is sent to all the media outlets in town that shows when Ashland had a shortness of breath episode in the park in front of Harrison. Billy and Lily have a long discussion about whether they should post the video on their website. Billy and Lily decide not to post the video because the more interesting story is finding out the identity of the person who took the video.

Sharon is happy that she got a text from Mariah saying that she is sorry she worried everyone, but her phone died and she just saw all the messages when she charged her phone. Ashland tells Victoria that the deal to merge their two companies is done and now they can make the announcement to the public.

Michael assigns Rey to guard Chelsea while she is taking care of her mother in Minnesota. Sharon isn’t happy that Rey is going with Chelsea. Victor is upset with Adam because Adam is letting Connor go with Chelsea to Minnesota. Victor assigns a member of his security team to go with Chelsea, Connor, and Rey to Minnesota and keep him updated with everything that happens with them.

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