Y&R Short Recap Monday, July 12 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Kyle told Tara that no one wanted her and Harrison to move anytime soon. She didn’t want to go now either, because at a time like this, their son needed family. Kyle and Tara talked about trying to move on after their relationships failed, and they decided to have a picnic with Harrison in the park as a distraction. Victoria was happy that the merger was almost official. Ashland learned that Nikki knew about the merger. He spoke highly of Nikki, who told him that flattery didn’t work on her. Ashland was in a good mood when he got a text from Tara inviting him to spend time with Harrison. Nikki was worried about Victoria deeply bonding with a man who didn’t have much time left. Victoria said she had it under control. Victoria fantasized about Ashland deciding to treat his cancer so he could run the company with her. Sally told Jack about something good that happened to her at work, and she asked him to join her for a drink. He got invited to the picnic, and when Sally asked if she could walk over with him, he agreed. Kyle asked Jack about Sally. Jack said he was just keeping himself open to happiness. Tara asked Sally to record her playing with Harrison. Ashland showed up for his visit with Harrison, but Tara said it was supposed to be tomorrow. Ashland started having trouble breathing, and he snapped at Tara when she tried to help him. He ordered them to get Harrison away from him. Kyle took Harrison out of the area. After Ashland left, Tara learned that Sally had gotten it all on video. Tara secretly texted herself a copy of the video, then she deleted it from Sally’s phone. She told Sally not to tell anyone about what happened today. Ashland took his bad day out on Victoria until she told him she wouldn’t put up with it. She told him they were in this together, and he apologized ot her.

Victor pulled some strings and got Chelsea a convalescent release from the hospital. She’d be allowed to go care for her mother, but she’d need a police escort. Adam wouldn’t let Chelsea take Connor to see his grandmother out of state. Victor didn’t agree with Adam letting Chelsea see Connor. Connor felt it was good for Chelsea and Connor to be together. Victor urged Adam to keep his guard up because Chelsea and her mother were two of the most devious women around. Abby called Sharon to see if she’d heard from Mariah. Sharon hadn’t heard anything, and she thought it was strange that Mariah left town without telling anyone. Chelsea apologized to Sharon and Rey. Chelsea felt that Adam loved Sharon more than he’d ever loved Chelsea, though she felt the love was one-sided and pathetic. Chelsea said that Adam and Victor were controlling her access to Connor. Sharon convinced Adam to let Chelsea take Connor with her. Just after Adam told Chelsea the news, Victor showed up and said he wouldn’t let Connor go on the trip.

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