Days Short Recap Wednesday, July 7, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate talked to Lucas at the Pub. He was upset that she pretended to be blind. She said she didn’t mean to hurt anyone. She said she had to stick with her plan. Roman interrupted and thought he was upset about Sami and EJ. Kate said she was glad EJ was back because he gave her a job. She said she didn’t need the money. She said she was paying back Jake and Gabi. When Lucas left, Kate told Roman was right about her and Jake. Roman wasn’t happy about being right. He said he was afraid she wouldn’t be able to get over it. She said she was fighting back. He thought she was distracting herself so she didn’t have to care. Jake was in Rafe’s kitchen. Jake said he and Gabi moved in last night. Rafe was shocked. Gabi showed up and explained what happened with the DiMeras. Rafe didn’t get why she moved out of the house she owned because Jake didn’t live there anymore. Gabi tried to justify her decision. Philip called Gabi. When she got off the phone, she said she had to go back to the mansion to get mail that she left. Rafe told Jake that he didn’t like what he did to Kate. Rafe said he used her. He wondered if he was doing the same thing to Gabi. Jake said he and Kate were happy, but what he and Gabi had didn’t go away. Jake asked if he was with someone he cared about, but was thinking of someone else. Jake said things were fine until EJ showed up. He said he hated EJ. Rafe said he understood, but his sister better not get hurt.

Gabi went to the mansion and yelled at EJ for what he did to Jake. EJ said it was the right move. She said she and Philip would ruin DiMera. Sami ran after Gabi. Sami warned her not to make an enemy out of the DiMeras. Nicole talked to Chloe about proving Sami slept with Lucas. Chloe wanted to know why she cared. Nicole said she needed to get Sami under control. Chloe said she knew Sami and Lucas were up to something because she put Lucas up to saying he had a tumor. While they were talking about the situation, Chloe and Nicole realized that Kristen had something on Sami and Lucas. Kristen called Brady. She told him she missed him and Rachel. He said he had nothing to say to her. He changed his mind. He asked if he should frame the picture she destroyed of Chloe. Kristen apologized for that. He said it reminded him of why he couldn’t be with her. She attempted to defend herself, but he blamed her for Chloe almost dying. Kristen said he was in love with Chloe. Kristen told him to be with her. Brady went to work just as Chloe told Nicole that she hated Kristen. He understood why she felt that way. He told them about Kristen’s call. Nicole left them alone. He told Chloe about the picture he found in Kristen’s things. He said he kept it to remind himself how terrible Kristen was. He questioned how he could live someone like Kristen. He told Chloe that he wanted to be with her. Kristen called EJ to find out if he got the letter she sent him. Sami took the phone out of his hand. She was nervous when he said Kristen sent him a letter. When Gabi went to Rafe’s place, she saw that she took a letter addressed for EJ. Nicole ran into Lucas at the pub. She called him out for sleeping with Sami.


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