Days Short Recap Tuesday, July 6, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Paulina told Abe that she did what she had to do to get the project done. She said when Chanel got involved, things were too far. Paulina said she would have lost too much money if she pulled out. Abe asked if she was as rich as she said. She said she wasn’t broke and would never be again. Paulina told Abe that she got involved with a rich older man when she didn’t have money. She said he controlled and abused her. She said when she got away, she promised that she would never be beholden to a man again. Abe asked Paulina about Chanel’s father. She said he was a good man who didn’t have any money. She was the one making money. She said they were happy. Abe thought it was a good story, but wondered if it was true. She said her feelings were real. He said he was embarrassed that he was played. She asked what it meant for them. He said they were done. He said Price Town would never see the light of day.

Ben locked the apartment door. He also blocked it so Ciara couldn’t leave. She asked if he had a necktie handy so he could strangle her. He said he would never hurt her. She said he was just like Vincent, Rhodes and Evan. Ben told her that she remembered their names. She said she didn’t remember. She said Hope and Theo told her their names. Ben said he wasn’t like the others. He opened the door and said she was free to go. Ben told Ciara about what he went through in order to find her when she was being held captive. She heard his voice when he found her in the rubble. When she looked lost, he thought she was starting to remember something. Theo showed up and told him to leave Ciara alone. Ben told Theo that Ciara was starting to remember. Ben said he saw it in her eyes. Theo thought he saw what he wanted to see. She said she didn’t remember anything. Ben said she remembered him in her heart. She told Theo that Ben ripped the divorce papers. She said she had to take him to court. Ben told Theo the only reason Ciara was marrying him was because she didn’t remember their love. Ben said Ciara was starting to remember. He said he didn’t want to see Theo get hurt. Ben told her that her love for him is still there. He asked her to tell him he’s wrong. She said he loved a girl she didn’t remember being. She said ahe would see him in court.


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