Days Short Recap Thursday, July 8, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Lucas denied Nicole’s accusation that he slept with Sami. Nicole told him everything Chloe said. She said she knew Kristen had something on them. He said she didn’t have any proof. Nicole said she would get proof and walked away from him. Sami was nervous when EJ looked through the mail for Kristen’s letter. When he couldn’t find the letter, he wanted to go back upstairs to look for it. They kissed. They were interrupted when Lucas called. She left to take the call. Sami told Lucas that Kristen wrote EJ a letter. She said she didn’t have time to waste. She got off the phone so she could find it. Jake took the letter from Gabi. He read the letter out loud. He read that Sami had an affair with another man. Gabi was shocked. Jake thought that was better than business secrets because EJ would be gutted when he found out. Gabi read the letter. Gabi and Jake found out Sami had an affair with Lucas. Jake said EJ took DiMera from him so he was going to take Sami away from him. Gabi said he couldn’t do that because Sami was Arianna’s grandmother. Gabi said she wouldn’t ruin her marriage. Jake threw the letter in the garbage. She was happy and wanted to call her daughter. Jake looked at the garbage. When Gabi came back, Jake was gone. Gabi looked at the garbage and ran out.

Jake went to the DiMera mansion. He told EJ he was there to take him down. EJ wasn’t scared. Jake went in his pocket and said he had something for him. EJ thought it was a gun. EJ told him to shoot him. Jake thought about his conversation with Gabi. He said he wouldn’t hurt Gabi. Gabi ended up showing up. Jake gave Gabi Kristen’s letter. He said he couldn’t show EJ the letter because he loved her. When Jake left, Gabi gave Sami the letter. Gabi said she read the letter. Sami tried to say she didn’t sleep with Lucas, but Gabi didn’t believe her. Sami said she couldn’t lose EJ. Gabi said she knew that and that was why she was there to help. Sami thanked her, but Jake still knew. Gabi said she would deal with Jake. Sami read Kristen’s letter. She threw it in the fireplace, but couldn’t find any matches. She looked in the desk for the matches. EJ walked in and wanted to know what she was doing with a box of matches. Gabi confronted Jake for almost telling EJ about the letter. He said he couldn’t go through it because he loved her more than he hated EJ. He told her he loved her. He said nothing was more important than her. They kissed each other. Brady told Chloe that he was done with Kristen. He wanted them to be together. When she hesitated, he thought he had to earn back her trust. He said if he was lucky, he would earn her love. He kissed her. Philip came in and told him to get off of her. Brady told him he and Chloe were getting back together. Chloe told Brady that she was with Philip. Brady and Philip argued with each other. She told Brady that she cared about him, but she didn’t he would ever get over Kristen. Philip was smug while she was talking to Brady. Brady apologized and left.


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