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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Eli, Lani, Chanel and Abe wanted to know what Price Town was. Paulina said it was juat a working title. The foreman said they were turning the Town Square into a big box store. Paulina tried to deny what the foreman said, but Chanel said she saw the blueprints for one building. Paulina told everyone that she saw an opportunity for the community. She said she thought it would be easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. Eli looked at the permit. Paulina said she was demolishing the whole Town Square. Paulina defended her project by saying it would create opportunities and money for all of Salem. Lani and Eli said the square was the twins’ legacy. Lani said they were giving Paulina back the money she gave for the twins’ tuition. Abe told the workers to stop the demolition. The workers left. Abe went to City Hall. Chanel couldn’t believe Paulina was doing this. She asked if Paulina ever believed in her. Paulina said Chanel could get a job at the store. Chanel said she didn’t want a job. She wanted a dream. She said she wanted to build something for herself. She called Paulina a liar and a cheat who didn’t care who she hurt to get what she wanted. When Chanel left, Abe came back. He asked what she was thinking.

Theo told Doug and Julie that he and Ciara were engaged. Doug and Julie were shocked. Theo said Ciara was asking Ben to sign the divorce papers. Julie asked if Ciara was getting her memory back. Theo said she wasn’t. He said the more time passed, the less likely she would get her memory back. Doug and Julie wondered what Theo was going to do if Ciara got her memory back. Eli and Lani went back to Julie’s Place with the Horton Square plaque. Julie was upset. Doug told Julie that Paulina was Lani’s aunt. Lani didn’t care what Julie said about her. Lani said what Paulina did made her sick. Theo said Abe would be able to stop her. Eli told Julie that the plaque would be where it belonged. Theo told Lani that he and Ciara were engaged. Lani was happy for them. He told her about Doug and Julie’s issues. Theo said he had to believe everything would be okay. Ciara told Ben that she and Theo were engaged. Ben didn’t believe her. He asked where the ring was. She took out the ring and put it on. He looked at the ring. She said she loved Theo and was going to marry him. She said she loved Theo. Ben said she didn’t love Theo the way she loved him. He said Theo was safe and familiar, but what they had was intense and passionate. She said that passion almost got her killed. Ciara gave Ben the divorce papers and told him to sign them. He ripped them up. He said there was no way he was going to let her end their marriage without a fight. She said he was obsessed. He said it was love. He said she would remember what they had. She said she didn’t care what he thought they had. She thought it was cruel that he was making it hard for her. She said she was taking him to court. He pulled out mementos of their time together. She said it didn’t mean anything to her. When she tried to leave, he locked the door. He said he couldn’t let her go.


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