Days Short Recap Friday, July 9, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami threw Kristen’s letter in the fireplace. EJ saw her with a box of matches. He asked her why she was lighting a fire in July. She said she was cold. She wanted him to warm her up. After Sami and EJ made love, he blamed himself for their problems. He said they have allowed people to get in the way in the past. She said they wouldn’t do that again. When EJ went to sleep, Sami went downstairs. Sami wanted to make sure the letter was still in the fireplace. She lit a match. Johnny called her. Someone was watching Sami walk out of the room so she could talk to him. The person grabbed the letter out of the fireplace. Jack asked Gwen about her relationship with Dr. Snyder. She said there was no trouble. Jack didn’t believe her. He asked if she knew how Snyder ended up in the lake. Xander showed up and told Jack to leave it alone. Jack was suspicious. He asked if they were keeping something from him about Snyder. Gwen and Xander said they had nothing to hide. Jack said he cared about them and wanted to help them. When Jack left, Gwen yelled at Xander for overreacting all the time. He said he was trying to protect her. She said she didn’t need protection. He threatened to tell Jack about her miscarriage. She stopped him from leaving. He told her to let him go. She asked if he wanted that. He told her what he wanted. He kissed her.

Ben told Marlena that Ciara was marrying Theo. He said he knew Ciara was starting to get her memory back. He said he would fight hard for her. Marlena appreciated his effort, but she wondered what would happen if he lost the fight. He said he wouldn’t flip out and kill anyone. She said she wasn’t worried about that. She said he may get hurt. Marlena told Ben that Ciara might not remember him. She said Ciara didn’t want to be married right now. He didn’t care how long it took. He said he would wait forever. Ciara went to see Shawn. She told him she was engaged. He congratulated her. He said it was fast. He said she was still married to Ben. She said that was why she was there. She said she needed Belle to help her take Ben to court. Claire showed up to defend Ben. Ciara yelled at Claire. Shawn defended Claire when Ciara yelled at her. Claire told Ciara that she was sorry for what she did and was done begging for forgiveness. She said she would wait for the real Ciara to come back. She said this Ciara was a b*tch. Shawn agreed with Claire and defended Ben. Shawn said she used to believe in Ben. Shawn said it was Ciara’s choice to marry Theo, but she belonged with her husband. She said she wanted to be with Theo. She told Claire that she and Ben deserved each other. She said she would find another lawyer. Before Ciara left, she told Shawn to hide the matches.


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