Days Short Recap Monday, July 12, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ben and Ciara wanted to go to Justin for their situation. Ciara wanted him to get another lawyer, but Ben wanted her to get another lawyer. Ben tried to convince her not to divorce him. Justin also tried to convince her that she believed in him too. Bonnie asked Kayla to be her matron of honor. Jack talked to Steve about what’s going on with Gwen. He wanted to get his help investigating what she’s keeping from him concerning Dr. Snyder. Steve thought he knew something already about them. Theo went to see Chad and told him about getting married. He was excited for him. Theo told him about Ciara’s situation and he thought he was doing the right thing. Ciara continued to tell Ben about being a killer and how she wanted to marry Theo. Justin was surprised that she wanted to marry Theo. Ben thought Justin didn’t think she should marry Theo. Justin didn’t have a problem with it. Ciara said Theo was a good man and didn’t go to jail for murder like he did. Steve told Jack about the missing pills from the hospital. Jack wanted to know if he was accusing Gwen of being a drug dealer.

Xander and Julie argued after she caught him making out with Gwen. She felt like they were ruining her grandparents’ memory. He felt like they were invited in the house and she should be more hospitable. She told them to go somewhere more private. Chad noticed that Theo didn’t seem happy about marrying Ciara. He said he thought about what he told him. He talked to Chad about Ben trying to get Ciara to remember him. He continued to tell Chad about Ben’s actions. Chad hoped Ciara never got her memory back. Ciara and Ben argued over whether he would represent them. Ben thought Justin wouldn’t represent her because he knew the divorce was a mistake. They wanted to know what he was going to do. Bonnie felt that Kayla being in her wedding would make people see that her relationship with Justin was real. Justin decided not to represent Ciara or Ben.

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