Y&R Short Recap Thursday, July 8, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Faith worries that Adam will interfere in Sharon and Rey’s marriage again now that he and Connor are living at the ranch. Sharon assures Faith that her marriage to Rey is solid and Adam can’t come between them so she has no need to worry.

Victor tries to postpone his trip to Italy but Nikki persuades him they need to check on Summer and see how she is, adjusting to her new job.

Dr. Hedges lets Chelsea spend some time at the park so she can get some fresh air. Adam tells Chelsea that he will talk to Victor and persuade him to get her an early release from the hospital as long as she agrees to have outpatient treatment. Adam also makes Chelsea promise to not run, away with Connor. Adam talks to Victor later and persuades him that Chelsea is ready for, early release.

Kevin pleads with Chloe to stay away from Chelsea and not help her with her schemes. Kevin worries that Michael will find out that she was Chelsea’s accomplice in poisoning Rey.

Abby, Nina, and Tessa are worried about Mariah because she texted she was going on a business trip but she hasn’t texted any of them back this morning. Abby calls Jack who tells her he had no idea Mariah was going on a business trip. Adam decides to let Connor see Chelsea in the park after Rey tells him that he saw Chelsea in the park and she needs to see Connor.

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