Y&R Short Recap Friday, July 9, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Ashley, Billy, and Traci get a chance to spend some time with Tara and Harrison and welcome them into the Abbott family. Billy advises Kyle to be careful around Tara because she could be lonely since she is getting divorced. Kyle tells Billy to mind his own business and stay out of his personal life. Billy later tells Lily he thinks Tara is hiding something and he wants to find out what it is, so he can keep the promise he made to Summer of being a friend to Kyle.

Nick says a tearful goodbye to Summer and promises her he won’t be hard on Kyle because she wants Kyle to be happy. Nick gets a surprise visit from Phyllis and he decides to, spend an extra day in Milan so he can show Phyllis the city.

Lily wants Nina to write a series of feature stories about the new guard versus the old guard in the business world. Nina is excited to accept the assignment and do in-depth stories of the leaders of the business world.

Adam lets Chelsea spend the day with Connor at the park. Adam tells Chelsea that he spoke to Victor and he is talking to the judge about an early release for her. Adam gets a call from Chelsea’s mom Anita and she tells Adam she needs hip replacement surgery and she needs Chelsea to come help her while she recovers from surgery. Adam asks Chelsea if she set this up to get out of the hospital. Chelsea tells Adam she didn’t set this up and pleads with Adam to ask the judge for permission to go take care of her mother. Chelsea also asks Adam if she can take Connor with het on the trip.

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