Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Amanda tells Nate and Elena about her relationship with Imani and Naya and Nate and Elena promise to keep it a secret. Elena is a bit annoyed because Imani keeps flirting with Nate and she notices they have some chemistry.

Victoria promises Ashland that she will spend the time he has left with him without insisting he get treatment for his illness. Billy and Lily ask Nate if one of their colleagues could have lung cancer if he has shortness of breath. Nate says yes and that their colleague needs to see a doctor as soon as possible. Billy asks Victoria to confirm Ashland’s diagnosis and her non-answer leads him to go talk to Ashland. Billy writes down an offer for Locke Communications and Ashland looks at the offer and tells Billy he will call him if he accepts the offer.

Victor tells Adam the truth about how he kept Chelsea out of jail. Adam talks to doctor Hedges and asks him his opinion about her condition. The doctor says Chelsea has some mental issues but she is a great con artist. The doctor tells Adam and Victor how Chelsea got him to admit he took part in Victor’s plan to keep her out of jail. Adam decides to give Chelsea a chance to return to her life but Victor tells Adam to tell Chelsea that if she double crosses them she will never see Connor again.

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