Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, July 6, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Moses tells Faith that he is wondering if he still wants to be a doctor but he doesn’t want to tell Devon because Devon might tell his mother who might want him to return to New York.

Chelsea gets the upper hand on Dr. Hedges when she records him on her phone admitting that Victor is paying him to keep her in the mental hospital. Chelsea tells the doctor that if he doesn’t say she is healthy she will have her friend Chloe send the recording to the medical board. Dr Hedges heads to Victor’s office to tell him about his problem with Chelsea but he is unable to say anything because Adam is with Victor and Adam wants to know if there is anything wrong with Chelsea.

Amanda gets Naya out of jail on bail and she and Iman try to persuade Naya to recant her confession to Richard’s murder and say that Sutton gave the order to kill Richard. Naya insists on protecting her father. Amanda lies and tells Naya she won’t mention Sutton in her defense in court. Amanda and Imani are really going to team up to prove Sutton is guilty of Richard’s murder. Stitch says goodbye to Abby and says he is headed home to Iowa but later he runs into Mariah once again after her jog in the park.

Ashland feels like a new man after he and Victoria make love. Ashland and Victoria have lunch at Society where he experiences shortness of breath in front of Adam. Ashland later worries that he and Victoria are getting too close and wonders if they should end their personal relationship, so Victoria won’t be hurt when he dies. Adam later tells Victor what happened at Society with Ashland and suggests that they take over Locke Communications Group before Victoria has a chance to make a move on the company.

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