Y&R Short Recap Monday, July 5 2021

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Recap written by Christine

ChancComm published their story on the Lockes, and it went viral. It included the scoop that Ashland was flying his personal doctor to Genoa City. Billy thought Victoria would be surprised by how often she was mentioned in it, and he wasn’t concerned if she was angry about it, because he’d warned her about getting involved with Locke. Billy and Lily learned Ashland was seeing an oncologist. Billy thought Victoria might be getting close to Ashland in hopes of getting a seat on the board at Ashland’s company. Billy suggested to Lily that they buy Locke’s entire company, and she was intrigued. Ashland wasn’t feeling well, so he and Victoria didn’t go to LA. He was dismayed that the news about him flying in his doctor had gotten out. She tried to encourage him to treat his cancer, so they could run their merged company together but he refused. Ashland kissed Victoria. Connor came home from boarding school, and Adam told him that Chelsea was in the hospital, but they’d see her soon. Connor and Adam moved into the tack house on the ranch. Sharon learned she and Adam would be neighbors. Adam told Sharon he and Chelsea wouldn’t get back together. Chelsea was angry when Adam told her that he’d moved Connor to the ranch and that she wouldn’t be allowed to see him right now because Dr. Hedges didn’t think it was a good idea. Adam informed Chelsea that the penthouse was hers to live in or sell after her release. She wasn’t placated when he said he’d bring Connor to visit as soon as the doctor cleared it. Chelsea tried to negotiate with Dr. Hedges for an early release, but he said she need time to heal. Adam and Victor learned from a source that Ashland canceled his trip to L.A. with Victoria. Victor and Adam decided to try and purchase all of Ashland’s company. Nick and Phyllis video chatted. He told her Summer’s accommodations were beautiful, and she was acting like everything was great, but he could tell she was in pain. Kyle, Jack and Tara were angry with Billy about the article, which revealed Harrison’s paternity results. Tara suggested she and Kyle lean on each other. Kyle wasn’t sure he could get over Summer. Jack and Sally chatted about her new job. Jack thought she should be proud she earned the job without scheming. Phyllis showed up and insulted Sally, and Jack told her to butt out. Sharon didn’t think Phyllis was using the right method with Sally. Weeping, Phyllis told Jack she was lonely and asked him to have dinner with her tonight instead of Sally. He agreed, but he said that if Phyllis brought Sally up during the outing, she was paying.

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