Days Short Recap Thursday, July 1, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gwen asked Xander what he did with Dr. Snyder’s body. She was surprised he was able to sleep on the couch where Snyder died. Xander said no one would find the body. She didn’t feel any better. He said all she needed to know was Snyder was never going to bother her again. Xander asked Gwen if her guilt was more about what Snyder had over her than his death. He wanted to know what was keeping her up at night. She asked why she should trust him. He said moving a dead body should count for something. He said her secret was safe with him.

Gwen told Xander the truth about her miscarriage. She said it happened before she fell down the stairs. She said Jack couldn’t find out or she would lose him. Xander said Jack would hate what she did. She asked if he was going to tell him. He said he didn’t like how she was lying to Jack, but he understood that she wanted a relationship with him. He said he wouldn’t say anything. Ben, Claire, Allie, Chanel and Tripp went to the beach. While they were talking, they saw Snyder’s body. Tripp and Ben dragged the body out of the water. Tripp said it was Dr. Snyder. Eli went to the lake. He thought what happened to Snyder wasn’t an accident. Eli let Tripp know he wasn’t a suspect, but since Tripp knew the doctor, he asked if there were any problems between them. Tripp told him there were pills missing and there was tension between Snyder and Gwen. Eli went to the Horton house. He wanted to talk to Gwen about Dr. Snyder. Eli said Snyder was dead. Gwen pretended to be shocked.

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