Days Short Recap Monday, June 28, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ava told Nicole about Lucas’ conversation with Rafe. She told her how upset Lucas was about EJ being back in Salem. Nicole remembered how upset Lucas was about him being there too. Kate voted against Jake at DiMera. He wanted to talk to Kate, but EJ told him the vote was final. Jake was convinced Chad had something to do with her vote. Ava continued to tell Nicole about Lucas and Sami keeping a secret. Nicole told her that Xander suspected something too. She wanted to prove something happened between them. Lucas wanted to know how Sami was going to stop Kristen from calling Kristen. Gabi asked Kate how she could stab Jake in the back. Mr. Shin said that her vote was legal. He told Jake he had to vacate the building. Jake wanted to get his stuff, but he told him that he couldn’t do it. Jake knew Chad was behind what happened with the vote. Nicole was determined to find out the truth about Sami and Lucas. Sami asked Lucas why he thought Kristen would expose her. He told her the things they did to make Kristen turn on them. Sami thought they weren’t on her mind right now. Mr. Shin congratulated the DiMeras on getting rid of Jake. He wanted to know who was going to take over for him. Kate talked to Stefano’s picture and told him how she got revenge on Jake. He showed up and demanded answers for what she did.

Jake called Kate out on voting against him. He wanted to know what happened. She said Gabi was the reason why she did it. She said that Gabi told her that he was with her out of pity. She never would have done it if it weren’t for Gabi. Gabi walked in the room and couldn’t believe what she said. Chad and EJ wanted to run the company. They ended up arguing about it. Eli talked to Rafe about the possibility of something going on with Nicole. Rafe denied it. Eli reminded him about how much he talked about Nicole. Rafe said Nicole was married to the love of her life. He said he didn’t think he would steal Nicole from Eric. Eli decided to mind his business. Rafe admitted that he was half right about that. Kristen wrote a letter to EJ. She wrote in the letter that Sami cheated on him with Lucas. Lucas tried to convince Sami that Kristen and Nicole might tell EJ the truth. Sami didn’t think it would happen. Lucas had an idea of how to get Nicole to back off for good. Jake yelled at Gabi for what she did to Kate. He said that he was there for her. He wanted her to call Mr. Shin and tell him that she changed her vote. She said she would do it, but he had to pack their things up and get away from Gabi. Chad and EJ continued to argue about running the company. Tony tried to stop them from arguing.

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