Y&R Short Recap Monday, June 28 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Nick and Phyllis helped Summer pack for Italy. In private, Summer grew emotional over being forced to leave Kyle because of Tara’s ultimatum. Kyle raced around town looking for Summer. Summer said goodbye to Victoria, Nikki, Victor and Faith. Mariah told Summer off for hurting Kyle. Summer decided not to waste time arguing with Mariah. Mariah badmouthed Summer to Kyle, and he told ordered her to keep her nasty comments to herself. Mariah and Kyle apologized to each other. Summer met with Lauren and recommended Sally as her successor. Lauren made Sally acting president of JCV, so she could gain experience and prove she was right for the job. Summer told Billy she was leaving and asked him to be there for Kyle as a friend. When Kyle wondered if he should give up on winning Summer over, Billy told him to go after her. Summer asked Jack to help Kyle accept her decision, and he promised he’d do everything in his power to make that happen. Jack told Summer he was always a phone call away. Phyllis and Summer shared a tearful goodbye, and Phyllis gave Summer a pep talk. Kyle finally caught up with Summer, but she wouldn’t change her mind. She gave him a goodbye kiss, and she left. Tara talked with Jack and pretended to be unhappy that Summer was leaving. Tara met with Lauren and Sally about her shoe line. Tara and Sally privately chatted about getting everything they wanted, now that Summer was out of the way. Billy and Jack disagreed about whether or not Kyle and Summer could make things work. Jack said that sometimes love didn’t conquer all.


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