Days Short Recap Friday, June 25, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ told Sami about the battle for DiMera. He told her that Kristen was his secret ally. Sami said it was a bad idea to get Kristen involved. She asked how he would find her. He said his people already found her. Sami wanted him to find another way to get votes. She said she was afraid that he would get arrested for aiding and abetting. She didn’t want to lose him again. He said he could never say no to her. They started kissing. He stopped her to say he was meeting his brothers. Nicole ran into Lucas at the pub. She started talking to him about Sami accusing her of cheating on Eric. He told her that Sami wanted him to wear a wire to record her confession. Nicole asked why Sami wanted him to help her. He told her things changed between him and Sami when they were trapped together. When Nicole kept asking about it, he wanted to know why she was so interested. Sami walked in the pub when Nicole was trying to explain why she was interested in whether or not Sami had an affair with Lucas. Sami and Nicole ended up arguing with each other. Nicole left the pub. Lucas told Sami to be nicer to Nicole. He said Nicole was trying to expose him. Sami wanted to know what made Nicole suspicious of them.

Tony let Chad know Gabi got Steven Hawk. He said Steven was going to vote with Jake. Tony wanted Chad to try again with Kate. Chad didn’t want to pressure her. Chad said Kate was thinking with her head and not her heart when it comes to Jake. Jake and Gabi found out Peter was voting with EJ. Jake was fine with it because they had Kate’s vote. Kate showed up while they were talking. Jake went to help her. Gabi and Kate argued with each other. When they were finished, Gabi asked who Kate was going to vote for Jake. Kate said she was there for Jake. Gabi told Kate that Jake was with her out of pity. Jake tried to reassure Kate that that wasn’t true. He told Gabi to leave. He said they would meet at DiMera. When Gabi was gone, Jake thanked Kate for standing by him. He said he wouldn’t forget her being there for him. EJ met with Mr. Shin at DiMera. EJ told him about Kate’s connection to the family. EJ said he was back better than ever. EJ said he respected Jake, but he was a placeholder. Chad said he was ready to be back as CEO. Jake wanted to stop wasting time and get on with the vote. Chad, EJ, Tony and Gabi voted. Mr. Shin voted for Jake. Jake and Gabi were happy. Kate had the final vote. She started to say who she voted to remove. Jake and Gabi were shocked.

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