Days Short Recap Thursday, June 24, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ, Chad and Tony talked about getting g rid of Jake at DiMera. EJ said all they needed were three DiMeras to come forward and say they didn’t have confidence in Jake. EJ said they had to act fast because a new product was about to launch. EJ said there would be nothing left of DiMera or Stefano’ s legacy. The three set their plan in motion. After their meeting, EJ went to see Jake. He told Jake that now that he was back, Jake was out. Jake said he was surprised that he and the others didn’t keep it a secret that they were coming after him. EJ said he gave him a warning just to be courteous. Gabi wanted to talk to Kate about Jake. Gabi said Jake wanted her to feel sorry for her because she was blind and lost her memory. Gabi brought up her walking in on her and Jake making love. Kate thought about Gabi and Jake making love. Gabi told Kate that if she remembered them making love, then she knows how Jake feels. Gabi said Jake felt obligated to stay with her. Gabi said she pitied her. She advised Kate to let him go. Kate and Gabi argued with each other. Kate said she hoped Gabi wouldn’t get bitter once she was rejected. Gabi said she was only going to be in Jake’s bed temporarily.

Sami told Roman that she and EJ were staying in Salem. She said she made a vow to never let anything come between them. Roman asked if she was going to let Lucas come between them. Lucas ended up showing up. Roman noticed the tension between Sami and Lucas. When Lucas left, Roman asked what was going on between them. She said they bonded while they were in captivity. She said their truce was over when EJ came to town. She let Roman know that she and Lucas were arguing again. Roman didn’t believe her. Rafe and Lucas met at the town square. Lucas told him Gabi kicked him out of the mansion. He talked to Rafe about EJ being back in Salem. He let him know that Sami was moving back in the DiMera mansion with EJ. EJ showed up while they were talking. EJ said they needed to figure out how to co-exist with each other. EJ wanted Lucas to limit the amount of time he spent with Sami. Sami showed up and was surprised to see them all together. She wanted to know what was going on. Gabi and Jake talked about the other DiMeras trying to get him. She wanted to help him. While they were planning, Tony and Chad were plotting. Gabi told Jake about the DiMeras. They talked about Kristen and Peter. They said it might come down to Kate’s vote. Chad went to see Kate. He told her he needed her vote. She said she couldn’t give it to him. Chad reminded her that she was pretending to be blind, but she couldn’t vote against Jake. She said she hated Jake. She said voting against him would tip her hand. He told her to grow up. He said she should let EJ grind him in the ground. Chad threatened to expose Kate if she didn’t give him her vote. He said people would think she was desperate. Chad and Tony met in the living room. Tony said he got Theo’s vote. Chad said Kate could go either way. Tony called Peter. Chad told EJ that the votes were close. EJ said it was time to call Mr. Shin.

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