Days Short Recap Wednesday, June 23, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Abe talked to Roman about being with Paulina. He let him know that Lani wasn’t happy about him being with her. Roman tried to make him feel better about it. Roman suggested that Abe talk to Lani about everything. Paulina and Lani talked about Abe. Paulina wanted to know if she was okay with her being with Abe. Lani said it was a long time since Abe was with someone so she didn’t have a problem with them being together. Julie wanted answers from Xander and Gwen about Dr. Snyder being passed out on the couch. Xander came up with an excuse for Julie. She wanted them to get Dr. Snyder off of her couch. Abe went to see Lani to tell her about being with Paulina. Paulina was still there and came out and admit that they made love.

Steve and Kayla talked about the possibility that Gwen was involved with a drug ring. She told him that Gwen was involved with Dr. Snyder. She thought Gwen was involved with stealing drugs from the hospital. Xander and Gwen panicked about moving Dr. Snyder’s body. Jack showed up at the house just when they were about to move him. Lani told Abe and Paulina her blessing. Xander and Gwen managed to hide Dr. Snyder’s body from Jack. They made it seem like they were watching TV. He wanted to join them, but they were nervous about it. Kayla and Steve continued to talk about whether Gwen was selling drugs. Steve wanted to wait to see how involved Gwen was with Dr. Snyder. Xander tried to make excuses to keep Jack from watching TV with them.

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