Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, June 22, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Chelsea has a horrible nightmare in which Adam, Victor, and Rey tell her she will never leave the mental hospital.

Adam and Nick have a talk and Nick advises Adam to concentrate on Connor and find the right way to tell him about Chelsea’s illness. Nick also advises Adam to help Connor deal with Chelsea’s illness until Chelsea is better.

Elena turns down the job in Baltimore when Nate tells her that he never stopped loving her and wants her to stay in town.

Jack tells Tara the story of his bitter custody battle for Kyle when he was a little boy. Summer tells Phyllis about the job offer she got from the fashion house in Italy.

Summer doesn’t tell Phyllis that Tara is forcing her to take the job or she won’t let Kyle see Harrison again. Phyllis knows Summer is holding something back and isn’t telling her the whole story. Phyllis advises Summer to search her soul and find the truth before she makes a decision about the job. Summer calls Kyle and asks him if he could come to their suite instead of staying at the Abbott house because she doesn’t want to be alone tonight.

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