Days Short Recap Tuesday, June 22, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gwen let Snyder she delivered his package. He said he would be by later with another one. Jack came in and thought she was upset over Xander. She said Xander’s behavior drove her crazy. Brady overheard Xander talking about his affair with Nicole. They turned around and saw Brady standing there. Brady said Chloe was staying with Philip. Xander couldn’t believe he would let her sleep with the enemy. He said they should fire her. Brady and Nicole said they weren’t doing it. Brady told Xander to take the rest of the day off. He asked Nicole if she was with Xander. He said he overheard what Xander said. She confessed she cheated on Eric. She said she hired Xander so he wouldn’t tell Sami that she cheated on Eric. He wanted to help her. She told him Eric hasn’t been around. Nicole told Brady she couldn’t understand why she cheated on Eric. He said she was being self-destructive. She said she wasn’t hurting herself. She said she was hurting Eric too. She said she didn’t think Eric would get over it. She asked if he was going to tell Eric. He said he wouldn’t say anything.

Snyder went to see Gwen. He said Kayla was looking at her chart. He said he covered her lie about the miscarriage. She thought the leverage he had against her was gone. She said he would be exposed if she were. She told him they were even. He grabbed Gwen. Xander walked in the room. Gwen and Snyder told him to leave. Xander grabbed Snyder and held a letter opener to his throat. Snyder told him to stop. Xander said he lost the only person who would have stopped him from doing this. He said he had no reason to be a good person anymore. Gwen told him to stop. She said she didn’t want Xander to kill him. She said he could be good for Jack. Xander let Snyder go, but he grabbed his chest and collapsed. Gwen checked for a pulse. She said he was dead.

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