Y&R Short Recap Monday, June 21 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Victoria talked with Ashland about her proposal to merge their companies, then she left to give him time to consider her offer. On her way out, she ran into Billy, and he thought she’d been with Ashland upstairs, but she wouldn’t admit to it. He was concerned about the risk she was taking being with Ashland. She reminded him that when they were splitting up, he’d told her to be more reckless, and now he was saying the opposite. She pointed out that he moved in with Lily without telling her. He said Ashland was a monster, and Lily was sweet. Victoria implied that she had a plan, and Billy wanted details, but Lily arrived, so Victoria left. Lily thought they should listen to Billy’s instincts, which told him Victoria was playing with fire. Lily decided she wanted to help Billy oversee the investigation into the article on the Locke divorce that they were going to run. He thought that sounded fun. Ashland told Victoria he was interested in her offer. A mystery person hovered over Abby while she slept, then they left the house when Nina came home. Christine told Nina, Abby and Mariah that Chance’s superior heard from him after the dropped call, so he was fine as of a few days ago. He’d been sent to Michigan, but he might not still be there. Chance was closing in on a target, so he wouldn’t be able to contact Abby as often, but it also meant there was an end in sight. Abby researched organized crime in Michigan, so Mariah distracted her. Someone watched Abby through the window.

Summer accused Sally of making a deal with Tara. Sally admitted to telling Tara about the job at Marchetti, but she denied scheming. She continued to act disappointed that Summer got the job offer, but she said Summer should take it, since it was the opportunity of a lifetime. Tara and Kyle talked about Harrison. Summer tried to get Kyle alone to talk, but Tara walked in on them and sent Kyle upstairs to see something Harrison was doing. When Tara found out Summer didn’t take the job yet, she threatened to disappear with Harrison. Summer tried in vain to convince Tara that she wasn’t a threat to Kyle’s relationship with Harrison. Tara felt Harrison needed a loving two parent home. Summer accused Tara of being a gold digger who wanted to take advantage of Kyle. They debated whether or not Kyle ever had real feelings for Tara and if he ever would again. Tara told Summer to break up with Kyle and leave town. Kyle came downstairs and talked about a future with Harrison. Summer changed her mind about telling him the truth. She left. Summer called her mom and asked if they could meet first thing in the morning.


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