Days Short Recap Thursday, June 17, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve admitted to Bonnie that he was trying to get over what she did, but she looked too much like Adrienne. He said it made hard to forget what she did to his sister. He missed her even more. Bonnie started crying and left. Justin went after her. Kayla thought he should put his grief and anger aside so he and Justin could repair their relationship. Justin tried to make her feel better about what Steve said to her. She couldn’t get over what he said. Justin didn’t care what Steve thought. He didn’t want her to be Adrienne. He wanted her to just be herself because she was perfect the way she was. He considered her family. She took care of him the way no one else did. He confessed that he loved her. She admitted that she loved him too. They kissed each other.

Paulina was shocked to hear Chanel and Allie talking about kissing each other. Paulina was surprised she didn’t tell her that she was gay. Chanel assured her that she wasn’t gay. She tried to explain her situation to her mother. Paulina said she was trying to understand her. Chanel appreciated her keeping an open mind. Rafe found Ben at the cabin. He said he was there since Ben rescued Claire. Rafe wanted to know why he was there. Ben told him that he couldn’t sign the divorce papers. He said he was there because it was the place where his relationship with Ciara started. He thought it was the place to end it. Rafe understood how he felt. He told him about what happened between him and Hope. He realized that if he loved Hope, he would accept that she didn’t want to be in their marriage anymore. Rafe wished him luck. Rafe left the cabin so Ben looked at the divorce papers. Claire talked to Belle and Shawn about Ben. She was worried about him since Ciara gave him divorce papers. They told Claire that Ben had to work things out on his own. They thought she should focus on herself. She said she was fine as long as she didn’t have to think about Jan anymore. Shawn and Belle explained to her that Jan was in a coma and might not come out of it this time. Later on, Claire found Ben at the cabin. She noticed the divorce papers and wondered what he was going to do. Ben said he was conflicted about what to do. He said it wasn’t time to move on from Ciara. He said he wasn’t done fighting for Ciara. He burned the divorce papers.

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