Days Short Recap Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Belle went to Jan’s room at the hospital. She recapped what she did. She told Jan she wouldn’t get a free pass for what she did. She noticed the plug that was attached to the machine keeping her alive. She let Jan know that she didn’t get to torment her or her family without paying for her crimes. She said her tricks and tormenting were over. She pulled the plug on Jan. Shawn walked in the room and saw what Belle did. He plugged the plug back in before Jan died. He couldn’t believe Belle was responsible for what happened to Jan. Philip and Chloe showed up to Jan’s room. A nurse arrived to check on Jan. The nurse said Jan was fine. Belle said she pulled the plug to see if Jan was faking. She said that Jan was in a coma three times. She said she faked her condition multiple times.

Shawn said that Kayla checked on Jan and confirmed she was in a coma. Chloe told her that if Jan wakes up, she and Claire would testify against her to make sure she went to jail for years. Shawn thought this would be the end of their problems with Jan. Belle said that nothing would tear them apart again. They walked out of the room and Jan’s finger started moving. Allie and Tripp talked about her plans to work with Chanel. Paulina and Chanel arrived while they were talking. Paulina realized that Chanel tried to stiff Tripp with a big check. They said they were good now. Chanel introduced Paulina to Allie. She let her know that she was her business partner. Paulina thought she should have hired someone of color. Chanel was determined to work with Allie. Allie was nice to Paulina and she liked her. She found out that Tripp was going to be a doctor and she was impressed. She thought he was someone Chanel should be dating. Chanel and Allie talked about Paulina and how her reaction would be if she found out they kissed. Paulina overheard them talking.

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