Days Short Recap Friday, June 18, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jake noticed how Gabi was being cold to him. He promised her that he would tell Kate the truth when she could handle her blindness. Gabi didn’t believe he would do it. Jake told her that he loved her. Chad walked in while they were kissing. Chad yelled at them for what they were doing behind Kate’s back. Jake said that he would tell the truth once Kate could handle it. Jake left to get Kate from the hospital. Chad wanted Gabi to move out. They argued over it. Jake arrived to pick up Kate at the hospital. Kate knew their living situation would be awkward. Jake said they would figure something out. Kate wondered how it would be for Gabi. Jake and Kate arrived at the DiMera mansion. She used a cane and sunglasses to get in the room. She “sensed” that Gabi was with them. They ended up snarking at each other. Gabi grabbed for Jake’s butt and left. Kate told Jake she would love to feel his arms around her. She asked him to make love to her. Sami had a dream about being with Lucas and saw EJ in the bed. He wanted to know what she was dreaming about. She lied and said that she was dreaming about him. He told her that it wasn’t a dream because they were back together. He talked about them not having sex with each other. The conversation led to a rehash of their problems. He said he loved her and wanted to be with her. They kissed each other, but she backed away from him. Sami thought sex was the easy part and wanted to work on the rest of their problems. EJ wanted to make her happy. He kissed her again, but she pulled away again. She said her mother had breakfast waiting for them. She went to the bathroom to get dressed. He was upset after she left.

Sami came out the bathroom and saw EJ packing to move to the DiMera mansion. Sami didn’t think it was a good idea for them to stay in Salem. EJ questioned why she wanted to leave the people she loved. John and Marlena talked about EJ and Sami being together again. Marlena informed him that she saw Sami and Lucas kissing. He told her they bonded over being locked up with each other. He thought the situation brought them closer together. Marlena wondered how close they got to each other. EJ heard them talking about Sami and Lucas. Sami walked in after him and was shocked to see them together. Marlena had a cover story to explain why they were talking about them. EJ told them they were moving to the DiMera marriage. Lucas asked Roman if he could rent a room at the pub. Lucas told him that Sami went back to Rome. Roman didn’t think Sami would leave without talking to him. Lucas got upset when he talked about EJ coming back to her. Roman noticed how annoyed Lucas was when he talked about EJ. Roman wanted to know if something happened between him and Sami. Lucas stuttered when he was trying to answer Roman. He got up and left to get his things from the DiMera mansion. EJ and Sami arrived at the DiMera mansion. She left him alone with Chad. EJ wanted to know how he could have stepped down as CEO and allowed Jake to run the company. Tony and Anna arrived while they were talking. EJ wanted to bring down Jake together. He wanted to help Chad get the company back. Tony and Anna turned down the offer. Chad said he needed time to think about it.


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