Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Amanda tells Lily that she is no longer defending her grandfather because her family has lied to her too much. Amanda also tells Lily she isn’t ready to return to Chancellor Communications because she is thinking she might start her own criminal law practice. Imani tries to persuade Amanda to take her grandfather’s case again but Amanda tells her she is going to find out why her father was killed. Imani wants to stay in Genoa City to get to know Amanda better.

Eric calls Sally…he has decided to recommend Summer for the job at the fashion house in Italy.

Ashland tells Kyle and Tara he has terminal cancer and the doctors have told him he has six months to live. Ashland tells Tara he has taken her out of his will, but Harrison is still in his will. Tara is shaken by the news Ashland is dying and Kyle suggests that Tara try to repair her marriage so she can be there to support her husband in his final days.

Billy tells Victoria he is worried about her spending too much time with Ashland because of the kids. Nikki also continues to express her concern which only drives Victoria closer to Ashland. Ashland and Victoria go out to lunch and Victoria asks Ashland to kiss her like he wanted to in New York.

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