Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, June 15, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Billy and Lily have a successful night with Johnny and Katie who have a wonderful time with them at the new apartment.

Rey goes to visit Chelsea at the mental hospital before he leaves on his second honeymoon with Sharon. Chelsea apologizes to Rey for her behavior on their last visit and tells Rey she was upset because Adam was also visiting her that, day. Chelsea tells Rey to have a wonderful vacation with Sharon and then she leaves for her group therapy session. Rey, questions Chelsea’s doctor about her progress and he says Chelsea isn’t well but is progressing slowly. The doctor talks to Chelsea later and says he is worried about Rey because he is asking too many questions. Chelsea assures the doctor everything is under control and everything is going according to plan.

Victor isn’t happy when Adam tells him that one of his sources told him Victoria went to New York with Ashland Locke. Ashland wants to give Victoria a kiss after they talk awhile but she tells him they should take their relationship slowly. Victoria says goodnight to Ashland and later calls her secretary to ask her to find all the information she can on Locke Communications.

Victor tells Amanda that he had an investigation done and all the contributions he gave to Sutton Ames campaign were legitimateā€¦there was no cash in exchange for favors. Victor also tells Amanda he knows she is Sutton’s granddaughter because Sutton had a slip of the lounge last time that he spoke to him. Amanda talks to Naya and tells her that she is quitting the case since her grandfather refuses to go along with her defense strategy. Amanda decides to investigate why her father was killed and hires Mrs. Toliver to help her.

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