Y&R Short Recap Thursday, June 17, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Ashland and Victoria have drinks with Victor and Nikki so Victor and Nikki can get to know Amanda better.

Abby is worried about Chance since their phone call got abruptly cut off so she goes to Devon’s place to share her problems with him. Devon gives Abby a gift from Chance that Chance sent to him with instructions to give it to Abby when she needs it the most. Abby opens the gift and sees that it is Chance’s favorite t-shirt. Chance’s note tells Abby to wear it so she can feel his arms around her.

Phyllis advises Summer to keep an eye on Tara because she will use Harrison to come between her and Kyle.

Tara decides to team up with Sally to get Summer out of town. Tara puts the second part of Sally’s plan into motion and tells Summer she has a proposition for her.

Elena saves Nate’s life when he has an allergic reaction after eating crab cakes at Society. Nate tells Elena later that he doesn’t want her to take the job offer in Baltimore.

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