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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Lucas tried to convince Sami not to leave town with EJ. She didn’t want to listen to him. Lucas told her that EJ wasn’t there for her when she needed him. He told her he was there for her and they made love. Nicole tried to get Xander to leave Basic Black. Brady showed up and wondered what was going on. She told him that they should give Xander a job there. Brady didn’t want to give him a job. He wanted to know why she wanted to give him a job. Sami wanted Lucas to stop throwing up in her face that they made love. She said EJ told her he changed. Lucas didn’t believe he changed. She said she and Lucas were connected. She said their feelings were always going to be there. She said she cared about him. She said it had to end now. She wanted him to accept it. He said he wasn’t accepting it. Tony wanted EJ to stay in town for a while. Tony wanted him to run the business. Tony told EJ that Jake wasn’t suit to run the business. EJ said Jake wouldn’t be CEO if Shin didn’t approve. EJ wondered why Chad stepped away. Chad confronted Kate about the mirror. He asked if she was trying to pull a fast one. She admitted to be pretending to be blind. She reminded him that he pretended to be dying to get Abby in his bed. He asked why she was pretending to be blind. He asked if it was because of Jake. Jake told Gabi that he didn’t tell Kate about being with her. Gabi wanted to know why he didn’t tell her. He said he told her they slept together and she forgave him. She didn’t believe Kate would have forgiven them. She asked why he didn’t tell Kate the truth. Brady wanted to know why Nicole wanted to keep Xander around. She said it was better to keep the enemy close. Brady wondered what Eric would think about Xander working there. Gabi told Jake that Kate was playing him. He asked what kind of a person he would be if he dumped her while she was blind. Gabi told him to be with her. He kissed Gabi. Lucas told Sami that he wasn’t giving up on her. When he was about to leave, she stopped him. They ended up kissing. Marlena walked in on them.

Marlena interrupted Sami and Lucas when they were kissing. Lucas told Sami to have a safe trip home. He left. Sami told Marlena that she was going home. Marlena said EJ would be happy to see her. She said EJ was in Salem. EJ told Tony about the way he treated Sami after the fire. He said he took his pain out on Sami. He said she was back to her old self when Allie needed her. He said it made him realize what he did to her. Tony asked if Sami was coming back home with him. EJ said she was. Gabi told Jake the right thing to do was tell Kate the truth. He said he would be kicking her while she was down. Chad thought something was suspicious about Kate being blind and amnesiac, but once Jake told him that she forgave him for being with Gabi, he knew something was up. Kate told him she hated him. He said she didn’t. He suggested that she drop the scheme. He said she didn’t connive a man who didn’t want her. She said she didn’t want him back. She said she wanted to punish him. Brady told Xander that he wanted to talk to Nicole. Xander left them alone to talk. He asked her if this had to do with Eric. He said Eric made a mistake and that was why she wanted to hire Xander. Brady wanted to know why Nicole wanted Xander to work for them. She said Brady left her high and dry, but she let him come back. He finally agreed to let Xander to work for them. Sami told Marlena going home with EJ was something she had to do. She said she and EJ needed time alone. Marlena said she wasn’t trying to interfere. Sami said she knew about her problems with EJ, but he wanted to make things work with her. Marlena said it seemed as if EJ was trying to make demands on her. Jake told Gabi that he wouldn’t be with Kate long. He said it would be until she got back on her feet. Gabi said she wasn’t happy about it, but it was the right thing to do. She said they could see each other on the side. He said that might be a problem. Marlena asked Sami if she agreed to go with EJ to be with him or to get away from Lucas. Tony tried to convince EJ to run the business. Chad asked Kate how long she was going to keep up her scheme. She said for as long as it was fun. He said the doctor would be able to tell that she’s not blind. She said her doctor knew the truth. She said she was blackmailing the doctor. She said Chad was her only problem. She asked if he was going to help her. Jake told Gabi Chad wanted him to stay by Kate. Gabi said she didn’t care what Chad thought. Jake said Chad was right. If he left Kate, he would be the bum everyone thought he was. Chad said he didn’t snitch on his friends. He told Kate he wasn’t going to say anything. He didn’t care what she did to Gabi or Jake. She wanted him to look her in the eyes and shake on it. He did what she wanted. Sami said she wasn’t trying to get away from Lucas. Marlena wanted to know what Kristen had on her. Before she could answer, someone knocked on the door.

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