Y&R Short Recap Monday, June 14, 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Sally told Lauren it was hard to know Phyllis wanted to sabotage her. Lauren said Phyllis had tried to get Sally a great promotion in another city in a win/win situation. Summer left the Abbott house so Harrison, Kyle and Jack could have lunch together, after Tara said it’d be nice for the Abbotts to bond. Tara privately asked Summer if she was struggling with Kyle’s devotion to Harrison. Summer didn’t have a problem with Kyle being a good dad. Tara admired Summer for not letting this come between her and Kyle. Summer said she and Kyle had survived much worse. Jack ran into Sally and overheard her making plans to fly to L.A. He thought she was better suited to living in California. She said she loved Genoa City, and she wasn’t moving away. Kyle took Harrison to the park. Jack and Kyle talked about fatherhood. Summer joined Kyle at the park, then Tara dropped by. Tara talked about starting a new life in Genoa City, and Kyle offered to help. Sally flew to L.A. to meet Eric. Posing as Summer’s friend, she lied and said that Summer wanted the job in Milan. Sally admitted she hoped to get Summer’s job at JCV after she moved away. Eric decided to consider pulling strings to get Summer the job. In NY, Ashland confided to Victoria that he had advanced lung cancer and had been given six months to live. The treatment had a 10% success rate, and he didn’t want to prolong his life to be in misery. Ashland wasn’t interested in reconciling with Tara so they could spend his last days together. It brought him some peace to know that Harrison would grow up a Newman and an Abbott. Abby worried for Chance, and Nina taught her cross stitch as a stress reliever. Abby got a call from Chance. She heard him shouting, and the line went dead.


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