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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gwen pulled out the pills Dr. Snyder gave her. She saw Chad looking at her. She said they were painkillers. Chad said Jack asked him to check on her. He asked if there was anything he could do for her. She told him to stop feeling sorry for her. She said to go home to Abby. He said Abby left town. Gwen apologized for Abby leaving town. She said she would tell everyone that Abby didn’t push her down the stairs. She said she was was happy when she was pregnant. He said he was sorry that she lost the baby. She said she thought she would be good at being a mother. She said the baby would be her family. When Chad left, Gwen called Dr. Snyder and asked about the pills. He told her to do what he said. Ben saw Jordan waiting for him. She said she was his guilty conscience. She asked why he was cheating on his wife. She told him about kissing Claire. She said Ciara left town with Theo because he was a killer. She told him about finding comfort with the woman who tried to kill his wife. He said he would never give up on Ciara. Jan called Shawn while she pointed a gun at Claire. She told him she would meet him later.

Jan told Claire that Shawn and Belle tricked her into admitting that she killed Charlie. She told Claire that she snuck out of the hospital on Valentine’s Day. She said she saw Shawn give Belle the red coat. She said she saw Claire and Belle arguing with Charlie. She said she came up with the idea to kill Charlie when Belle threatened him. Jan said she stole Belle’s coat and went to Charlie’s place. She said she found the gun and shot him. She said she hid when she heard John. She said she ripped the button off Belle’s coat. She continued to tell Claire how she set up Belle. Jordan gave Ben a pen to sign the divorce papers. He threw the papers. He said there was nothing she could say that would change his mind. She told him to check his voicemail. He heard Claire’s message and left. Dr. Snyder told Belle that Jan was on to her and Shawn. Belle went to Shawn’s room at the Salem Inn. They thought Jan kidnapped Claire. Ben went to Claire’s house and saw it empty. He asked what Jan did to her. 

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