Days Short Recap Tuesday, May 25, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Lucas told Brady that Kate was in a coma because of Kristen. Philip confronted Kristen about what she did to Kate. He told her the police weren’t going to give her a deal. Xander told Sami that the money EJ sent him was gone. Ben told Shawn and Belle that Jan kidnapped Claire. Claire tried to convince Jan not to shoot her. Jan told Claire that she did care about her. She said Claire might be worth more to her alive than dead. Claire said she wouldn’t tell anyone she killed Charlie if she let her go. Jan flashed back to when she killed Charlie. Shawn realized he could track Claire’s phone. Ben said Claire’s car was in the driveway so she couldn’t have gotten far. Xander told Sami that she promised him $10 million. She said the deal was null and void now that Kristen was in prison. He said he wanted the money. She refused to give it to her. Lucas told Brady that they needed to find Chloe. Brady brought up that Lucas lied about having a brain tumor. Brady wanted to know why he did that. Lucas wanted to concentrate on finding Kristen. Brady assumed he was working with Kristen. Lucas said Kristen locked him and Sami up and had Xander try to kill them. Brady said he didn’t know that. Lucas said Brady was just as guilty. Philip told Kristen that Trask wasn’t giving him a deal. When Kristen started messing with him about Chloe being in love with Brady, he threatened to make her shut up. Brady showed up while Philip was choking her. Brady said he would get the truth out of her. Philip said he would get the truth out of her himself. When Philip left, Kristen apologized for running Brady off the road. He didn’t know what he was talking about. She said she was the one who ran him off the road. Xander asked if Sami was going to kill EJ. She said he didn’t earn the money. He said he earned it by not killing her. She said the police knew he was trying to kill her. He said he wanted the money. She told him to kill her. He said he would. Belle wanted to know what Jan was going to do to Claire. Jordan showed up to Ben again.

Jordan told Ben that she couldn’t leave him alone for an hour. She said Claire was going to die. He said he was going to find her. Jan called Shawn. She told him that she figured out she wasn’t going to keep their date. She said she thought the date wasn’t sincere. He said he knew she talked to Dr. Snyder. She said he tried to trick her into confessing. She said she had his daughter. He asked her not to take it out on Claire. She said Belle turned him against her like she always did. She told him to put Belle on the phone. Kristen told Brady that Kate attacked her when she found out she wasn’t Susan. He said he found out what he did to Lucas. He said he couldn’t believe he thought she changed. She said she would be away from him and Rachel if she didn’t get the deal. He wanted her to tell him where Chloe was if she loved him. Sami told Xander that Kristen would be facing murder 1 if he killed her. He said he would kill her anyway. Lucas showed up to stop him from shooting her. Kristen told Brady she was right about his feelings for Chloe. He said Chloe was going to be away from Parker. Kristen said she would be away from Rachel if she didn’t get the deal. He told her she didn’t love him enough to make a deal. He said he would see her at the trial. She told him she loved him enough to tell him where Chloe was. Belle told Jan to take her instead of Claire. Jan said she didn’t want to spend another minute with her. Belle said she would confess to killing Charlie and she could have Shawn. Jan wanted to know the catch. Belle said Jan had to let Claire go and she would confess. Sami was willing to let Xander go if he agreed not to say anything. Xander agreed not to say anything. Lucas wanted to know why she let him go. She said they had bigger thing to worry about than Xander. She said EJ took the money back that he sent. Lucas wanted to know why. She said EJ thought she was using it to save herself. She was afraid that EJ knew the truth about them. Kristen told Philip and Brady where Chloe was. Philip went to look for Chloe. Brady told Kristen he would never forgive her if something happened to Chloe. Jan told Belle that she would think about her offer. Jordan asked Ben why he wanted to help Claire. He said he wanted to help her. She told him to remember that he wasn’t a decent human being. Kristen told Brady that she made a mess out of everything, but she did it out of love. He asked if that was love. She asked him if he still loved her. Philip came back and said the car wasn’t there. Lucas asked Sami how EJ could have found out about them. Sami said Kristen must have told him. Lucas said EJ would have been there if he found out about them. Someone knocked on the door. Sami said he was there.

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