Days Short Recap May 11, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady told Chloe that Kristen wasn’t Kristen. Kristen (dressed up as Kate) came in and asked about Kristen. Chloe wanted to know why she was there. Sami told Lucas that Kristen was upset about Brady being in the accident. Sami said Kristen was looking for Kate. Ava wanted to know if Nicole was okay with her going out with Rafe. Nicole told Ava that she was okay. She said she was getting a call from Eric. Eric ended up calling her. Lucas wondered why Kristen was looking for his mother. Sami said she didn’t know. She wondered why Kristen wasn’t at the hospital. Kate told Chloe when she heard that Brady was in an accident she thought he was with her son. She asked Chloe about being with her son. Chloe said her place was with Brady. Xander and Jake were drunk at the pub. Jake told him that he wanted to be with Gabi. Lucas told Sami that Chloe was in danger so he wanted to tell the truth. He wondered why Kate didn’t show concern about him. Sami told him that she might not be Kate. Chloe told Kristen that she hated her and wondered why she wanted her to be with her son. Kristen said her son was dying and needed her. Chloe said her son didn’t need anyone. Chloe told her to leave. Nicole found out that Eric had to extend his stay. She was upset that he wasn’t coming home.

Jake told Xander that he kept making bad decisions. Xander told him they were bad boys. He said they had to hurt people before they got hurt. Jake agreed. Jake ended up leaving. Nicole showed up at the pub. She wanted a drink, but no one was there. Xander gave her a drink. He wanted her to tell him what had her down, but she refused. Chloe told Kristen that the crash caused internal bleeding. Sami told Lucas that Kate was Kristen. She said Kristen was pretending to be Susan. She said that was Kristen. When Kristen came out, Lucas asked if she was Kate. Xander and Nicole talked about Sarah and Eric. Jake told Gabi that she was right about him wanting to be with her. Sami asked Kristen what she was doing at the hospital. Lucas asked if it was because he was dying. Kristen said she was visiting a friend. Sami and Lucas told Kristen they knew it was her. Sami tried to take the mask off of Kristen, but it didn’t work. Kristen walked away. Lucas asked where his mother was if that was Kristen. Jake told Gabi that his feelings for her never went away. He said he was too proud to admit it. He said he was admitting it now. She told him she didn’t get over him. They went upstairs together.

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