Days Short Recap Tuesday, May 4, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami talked to Kristen about Lucas pretending to have a brain tumor. Abby told Gwen that she didn’t push her down the stairs. Gwen said she did push her down the stairs. She told Abby that she had everything. She called Abby a liar and a murderer. Abby told Chad that she wasn’t lying. He told her to leave the room. Kristen asked Sami how Lucas was going to explain to Chloe why he wasn’t getting sicker. Sami said he would think of something. Chloe told Lucas that she would go with him to see Dr. Dunn tomorrow. Abby told Jack that Gwen lost the baby. She said Gwen was saying it was her fault. Gwen asked Chad if he believed her. She said he thought she was making it up. He said she was upset because she got horrible news. She said it was horrible for her, but not for him.

Rafe and Ava talked about their kiss. He told her he didn’t do it because he lost Hope. He said he did it because he wanted to. He said they could forget about the kiss if she wanted to. She said she didn’t want to forget about it. She said it was the nicest thing that has happened to her in a long time. He said a lot of bad things happened to her so the bar was low. She said it was very nice. She told him that she told Nicole that it happened and she didn’t think it was a good idea. Sami told Kristen that Lucas had a quality that made women want to take care of him. Kristen asked if that was why she slept with him. Lucas called Sami and told her that he had to see the cancer doctor. He said nothing was wrong with him. He wanted to know what he was going to do. Sami said he would think of something. He said he didn’t care if EJ found out they slept together. Sami said it was a good idea. He asked if she was listening to him. He said either way the plan was going to blow up. Abby told Jack that Gwen said she pushed her down the stairs. She said she grabbed her arm, but she didn’t push her. She asked him if she believed her. Gwen told Chad that he could move on with their lives as if nothing happened. He said after what she did, there was no way they could move on. She said he was happy that the baby was dead. He said he didn’t want the baby to die. He said she tricked him into having the baby. He said the baby wasn’t an ideal situation. He said he wouldn’t have wanted what happened to their child to have happened. He said he would have taken care of the baby and loved it. Rafe asked Ava why Nicole would care about them kissing. Ava said Nicole might have thought he was vulnerable because of Hope. She said Nicole probably thought she was taking advantage of him. He said he was the one who took advantage. He wondered why Nicole would care what they did. He told her that what they did was their business. Ava said she shouldn’t have said anything to her. Chad told Gwen that he didn’t want her to be alone. He asked her if she wanted him to call someone. She said there was no one. She said it was her own fault. She said she didn’t forget what she did to him and Abby. She thought the baby could help her change. He told her that she would have been a good mother. She said she wouldn’t know now because of Abby. Abby wanted Jack to tell her that he believed that she wouldn’t push a pregnant woman down the stairs. She said he believed Gwen when she said she didn’t kill Laura. Abby said he knew her all her life. She wanted him to tell her that he believed her. Abby told Chad that he knew she didn’t push Gwen. He said he believed her. He asked her why she was fighting with Gwen on top of the stairs. Abby asked if he was saying that it was her fault.

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