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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jake talked to Ben about Kate breaking up with him. Roman talked to “Kate” about getting back together since she broke up with Jake. Jack and Chad saw Gwen fall down the stairs. Jack checked on Gwen while Chad called for help. Kristen went back to the DiMera mansion to check on Kate. Marlena told Sami that the police had a witness for Charlie’s murder. Sami wanted to know who the witness was. Marlena said it was John. Sami was upset that John didn’t say anything about what he saw when she was arrested. Marlena said he just remembered what he saw. Marlena said they weren’t going to say anything at first. She said Rafe had a recording of John’s confession. Sami wanted to know how he got that. Marlena said from him. Roman told Philip and Gabi what happened between Jake and “Kate.” Jake told Ben that Kate was always jealous of him and Gabi even though he told her that he loved her. Jake told him Philip said Gabi was still in love with him. Ben asked him why he cared about Gabi dating Philip if he was over her. Ben said Kate was right to be upset that Jake wasn’t over Gabi. When they were at the hospital, Abby told Chad not to look at her like she was a horrible person. He said he wasn’t. He told her he needed to know what happened. Jack told Gwen that she was going to be okay. He said he was terrified when he saw her fall. She asked if he saw it. He said he was relieved that she was all right. He said he hoped the baby was too. She thought about the doctor telling her she lost the baby. Abby told Chad that she and Gwen got into an argument about moving in with Jack. Chad said she told him she was going to get over it. Abby said that was before she conned Jack into moving in with him. Dr. Snyder came in Gwen’s room and wondered why she was there. Jack said she fell down the stairs. Dr. Snyder said it didn’t say that in the report. Jack said they were worried about the baby. He wanted the doctor to examine her.

Dr. Snyder told Jack he had to examine Gwen alone. Chad wanted to know how Gwen fell down the stairs. Abby told him how she fell. Jack showed up. Chad asked how the baby was. Jack said he didn’t know. Dr. Snyder told Gwen that he was getting a CT scan for her. He said she didn’t get a chance to tell her father that she lost the baby. He wanted to know if she wanted him to tell her father. She thought about the way Abby treated her before the fall. She said she didn’t want him to tell anyone. Philip confronted Gabi about going after Jake. Jake told Philip that he still had feelings for Kate. He told Jake that he had to move on. Ben told Jake that Ciara left town with Theo. He told him to decide which woman he wanted. Kate asked Kristen if she talked to Jake. Kristen told her that Jake acted as if he couldn’t care less when she told him she was breaking up with him. She said she didn’t think anyone was going to look for her. She said Kate wouldn’t be missed. Marlena told Sami that Rafe played the recording of John saying he saw Belle shoot Charlie. Sami asked if John saw Belle shoot Charlie. Marlena said John saw her from behind. Sami apologized for not being there for her since Belle was arrested. Jake went to the DiMera mansion to look for Kate. Gabi came out. Jake said he wasn’t going back to her. He asked her what she said to get Kate to break up with him. Gwen told Dr. Snyder not to tell her family. She said she would do it. He said she needed the support from her family. She said she would get the support, but she would do it her way. Dr. Snyder told Chad, Jack and Abby about her injuries. Chad asked about the baby. Dr. Snyder said Gwen didn’t want to say anything. Chad went to see Gwen. He asked her about the baby. She said the doctor said it was a girl. She said she lost the baby. Kate told Kristen that Jake wouldn’t be convinced that she wanted to break up with him. Kristen didn’t think Jake would take long to move on with Gabi. Abby talked to Jack about Gwen moving in with him. Abby tried to convince him that Gwen was trying to con him. Gwen wanted Chad to say something. He asked if she lost the baby. She said she wasn’t pregnant anymore.

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