Y&R Short Recap Monday, May 3 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Chance sent Abby a package of little gifts, but it just made her miss him even more, and she thought they were a sign he wasn’t coming home any time soon. Nina offered a sympathetic ear. Abby and Lola talked about Faith. Nick found Adam in Kansas and asked him to donate a kidney to Faith. After some back and forth, Adam agreed to do it, but a tornado touched down, trapping them in the Montalvo cellar. Sharon told Faith that she might need a kidney and Adam was the only match. Sharon learned that the steroids Faith were on weren’t working. She unsuccessfully tried to get in touch with Nick. Mariah talked with Sharon about Faith. Abby made Mariah a snack to take to work because  she was still dealing with morning sickness. Devon told Jack that the rehab program they’d opened together to honor Neil was a success. Jack accepted the invitation to the event Devon and Lily were hosting for Neil. Devon ran into Elena, and he could tell her mind was on Faith. Lola and Elena discussed Faith and all that her family had been through.


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