Days Short Recap Friday, April 30, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen was dressed as Kate and went to the pub. Jake saw her there and wanted to know why she didn’t show up for their trip. She told him that they had to break up. He assumed she wanted to end things with him because he admitted to be jealous of Gabi and Philip. She said she wasn’t going to wait to be dumped by him. She explained that their age differences were a factor. “Kate” told him that she was going to quit and move out of the mansion. He refused to accept that and tried to stop her from going. Roman interrupted them to stop their fight. He was determined to find out what happened. Jake walked off so he told “Kate” they could get back together. He wondered if she considered getting back together with him. Chad was happy that Abby was willing to work on their marriage. She told him that Gabi was the one who convinced her to make her marriage work. Chad was surprised that she talked to Gabi. Abby didn’t have anyone else to talk to so she wanted to talk to someone who hated Gwen as much as she did. Abby wasn’t able to forget that he was having a child with Gwen. Jack arrived at the DiMera mansion to talk to Chad and Abby about Gwen. He told them how Gwen was going to move in with her. Abby didn’t think Jack cared how she felt. She walked out of the room. Chad thought it was good that Jack convinced Gwen to stay in town. He said Gwen and the baby would be taken care of for life. Chad didn’t think Abby could take much more before she snapped.

Gwen talked to Dr. Snyder about her baby. He gave her an ultrasound. He let her know that there was no heartbeat. He told her that she miscarried. He told her not to blame herself for what happened. He said that it happens all of the time. She wanted to be alone. She asked the doctor whether she was having a boy or a girl. The doctor told her that she would have had a girl. Ben told Claire he didn’t go through with kidnapping Ciara. He decided to let her go. Claire hugged him and he started crying. She knew Ciara would get her memory back and would come back to her. He didn’t know what to do anymore. He said Ciara was his life and he didn’t know what to do anymore. Gwen arrived at the DiMera mansion looking for Chad. She ran into Abby and she was upset with her. She told her that she would be a terrible mother. Gwen was upset that she insulted her and slapped Abby. They walked towards the steps and kept arguing. Abby grabbed Gwen’s arm and told her that she wanted her and the baby to get out of her life. Jack and Chad heard them yelling and went into the hallway. They arrived and saw Gwen fall down the stairs.

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