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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Lucas and Sami were on the phone talking about him lying to Chloe about his brain tumor. Chloe walked in on him while he was talking. He got off the phone. He wanted to know how much she heard. She said she heard enough and wanted him to tell her the truth. Jan went to see Shawn at the police station. She asked if he was working on Belle’s coat. She told him that she pointed out that Belle’s button was missing. She said Belle didn’t notice. She said Belle killed Charlie. Shawn said she didn’t kill Charlie and he was going to prove that she didn’t. He said Melinda needed to drop the charges against her. Melinda said she wasn’t going to drop the charges. Belle told John and Marlena that Sami was the one who killed Charlie. Belle said Sami hated her enough to frame her. Marlena said Sami didn’t hate her. Belle said Sami did hate her. Sami came out and wanted to know what they were talking about. Belle told her that she framed her. When Theo and Ciara were about to leave the hospital, Ben showed up. Chloe said she didn’t understand why Lucas told Sami that he was sick when he didn’t want anyone else to know. He said he wanted to tell Sami. Chloe said he should see her doctor. He said he would think about it. She said she made him an appointment. She said the doctor was waiting for them. Sami told Belle that she didn’t kill Charlie. Melinda and Shawn argued over whether or not Belle killed Charlie. He wanted him off the case. He said he was still going to prove that Belle didn’t do it. When he walked away, Melinda said there was evidence out there and she was going to find it. Nicole went to see Rafe and Ava to talk about Belle’s button being at Charlie’s place. While they were talking, Rafe got a message from Trask. He said he had to go. Ava told Nicole that Rafe kissed her. Ava told Rafe what made him kiss her. Nicole said he shouldn’t have done that. When Rafe showed up at the station, Melinda told him she wanted Shawn off the case. He told her she didn’t have any evidence He said he was going to the crime scene to prove that Belle didn’t kill Charlie. When Rafe left, Jan told Melinda that she would help her get Belle. Belle continued to accuse Sami of framing her. Marlena said Sami couldn’t have killed Charlie because she was on a plane. Sami said she wouldn’t have framed Belle. Sami left to fix another problem. Chloe tried to convince Lucas to go to the doctor. Ben told Ciara he wanted to give her something. She said she didn’t want anything from him. He gave her the engagement ring. She said she didn’t want it. She said she didn’t want anything to remind her that she was insane enough to be in love with him. He said to take it for her father.

Ava wanted to know if Nicole was mad at her. Nicole said Rafe wasn’t the tough guy he wanted people to think he was. Ava said she and Rafe were getting closer. She said he let her stay because they enjoyed each other’s company. Nicole didn’t think he was interested in her. Belle told John and Marlena that she hated that Sami was right. She said if he thought she was the one in the coat the police were going to think it. John said they were going to figure out who framed her. Marlena thought they should keep the information to themselves until the killer was found. Jan told Melinda that she needed to hear what she had to say. She told Melinda that she was in a coma. She said she went to see Marlena and heard John say he saw Belle kill Charlie. Melinda said she heard about the things Jan did and didn’t believe her. Jan said the conversation was recorded. Lucas told Chloe that he couldn’t go to the doctor with her. He said the only reason he said anything was because of Sami. Sami came in and asked if the tumor was affecting his behavior. Chloe told Sami that she wanted to help Lucas. Sami told him she would kill him if he told her the truth. Melinda told Jan it was convenient that she had the recording. Jan said she had the recording. Melinda wanted to get her statement. Jan said John would try to kill her if he knew she made a statement. Melinda said she might not need her statement. Shawn went to John and Marlena’s place to tell them that Melinda took him off the case. Nicole told Ava that she and Rafe have been friends. Nicole said she wanted him to be happy. Ava thought Nicole didn’t she was good enough for him. Ben wanted Ciara to take the washer as a reminder of Bo. John told Shawn that he remembered Belle killing Charlie while he was hypnotized. Shawn told Belle that he didn’t have to report what he heard because he was off the case. Rafe told Melinda that there was no evidence against Belle. Melinda told him there was new evidence. Nicole told Ava that she and Rafe were from two different worlds. Ava said she knew that when she moved in with him. Nicole said it was because Charlie was after her. Ava reminded her that Charlie was dead. Nicole said she didn’t understand why she stayed with Rafe. Ava said it was because she was broke. They got into an argument over Rafe wanting Ava to stay with him. Nicole told her she forgot that she was married. Ava said Eric did too. Nicole wanted to leave. Ava apologized to her. Rafe went to John and Marlena’s place. Rafe said he had to take John down for questioning. He played the recording of him saying Belle killed Charlie.

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