Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, April 28, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Sally asks Summer to give her a chance to put her psst behind her and make a fresh start in Genoa City. Sally also tells Summer that because of all the anamosity between them she lost Jack who she was beginning to love. Jack is surprised when he overhears Sally tell Summer she has feelings for him.

Kyle has a talk with Tara who tells him the heart attack has changed Ashland and he has fixed the problems with the Jabot factories, as well as continuing with plans to advertise Jabot products on his new health and beauty platform. Jack and Kyle have a long talk about whether they should continue with the deal with Ashland in the end they decide to continue with the deal but get out of it as soon as Jabot has recovered from this crisis.

Adam calls Sharon to tell her he is okay and he is someplace where he can heal. Adam asks Sharon if he can call her once in a while to check on Chelsea and Connor. Adam also asks Sharon not to tell anyone he called her. Rey tells Michael he thinks Chelsea framed Adam and Michael tells him to follow his instinct. Rey interviews Chloe and notices she gets upset when he suggests that she is protecting Adam. Esther tells Nina she misses working at the Chancellor mansion so Nina suggests she work there once and a while. Faith feels queasy but decides to go to school and her first group therapy session. Faith is talking to her grandmother and her mom at Crimson Lights when she suddenly passes out.

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