B&B Short Recap Tuesday, April 27, 2021

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Recap written by Suzanne

Hope and Liam are together at the cabin. He’s overjoyed that she’s letting him move back in. She’s concerned about him, but he doesn’t tell her about what happened or why he’s been so upset. Later, Hope tells Brooke that she’s letting Liam move back in. Baker questions Bill in his office at Spencer about Liam and his involvement with Vinny. Bill is indignant and evasive. Liam arrives, happily telling Bill that Hope has welcomed him back, before he sees Baker. Baker asks him whether he killed Vinny.

At Forrester, Quinn goes on and on to Carter about how she and Eric are not doing well. He tries to be supportive and urges her to fight for her marriage. Meanwhile, Donna and Eric are chatting before he goes off on a short business trip. She can tell something is wrong between him and Quinn, but she doesn’t say anything. She’s straightening his tie when Quinn enters and sees them. Quinn keeps her temper in check while she says goodbye to Eric, hoping that they can get closer once he’s back. He reminds her that he’s still not ready for that.

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