Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, April 27, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Devon tells Amanda that if she implies that Victor or one of his employees had her father killed he might come after her because he wants to fight the accusations against him. Devon tells Amanda that he intends to start a small music label called Winters Mood to find up-and-coming jazz artists. Devon intends to give part of the proceeds from the label to the Abbott Winters substance abuse center. Nick and Victoria mend their relationship and talk about their kids and share pictures of them. Nikki argues with Victor because he keeps fighting with Victoria about business. Elena tries to reconnect with Nate but even their conversation about work is awkward. Victor’s head of security tells him they have been unable to find Adam, so Victor tells his men to look for Adam in Vegas. Lily gets upset with Billy because he asks Tara Locke to ask her husband to reconsider his deal with Victor. Billy also tells Tara Victor forced Ashland to sign the deal with him while he was having a heart attack. Billy realizes that Lily was. right and once he tells her he was wrong they make up.

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