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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ben told Theo not to leave town with Ciara. Theo told him that Ciara didn’t want to remember him. He said Ciara didn’t want to remember being with a serial killer. Ben said he loved her. He told Theo he would stay away from Ciara if he didn’t take her to South Africa. Theo said it wasn’t about him. Ben told him he loved Ciara. Theo said it was her choice and he wasn’t talking her out of it. Ben told him to give him a few days to wrap his head around it. He asked Theo to give him a few days. Shawn told Ciara that he found Hope in Morocco. He said she was happy about Ciara being home. He said she was going to be in Salem tomorrow. John was upset that he remembered Belle killing Charlie. Marlena said he remembered a few details. He said he saw her kill Charlie. Belle told Claire that she didn’t kill Charlie. Claire asked how a button from her coat got there. Jan ran into Nicole. They talked about Belle killing Charlie. Nicole said Belle wouldn’t kill anyone. Jan said Belle made sure Charlie wouldn’t hurt anyone again. Nicole said she didn’t approve of murder. Jan said she used to. She said Rafe must have thought Belle was guilty or he wouldn’t have arrested her. Rafe talked to Ava about his relationship with Hope. Ciara told Shawn that she was leaving Salem. Theo told Ben that he wasn’t going to stop Ciara from leaving. Ben said he loved her. Theo told him that he needed to let Ciara go. Rafe and Ava talked about Belle being arrested for Charlie’s murder. Ava wanted to know how Belle explained her button being in Charlie’s apartment. Rafe said he didn’t think Belle did it. Jan told Nicole that Belle did a good thing by getting rid of Charlie. Jan said Claire told her what Charlie did. She said she felt like she could have killed him herself. Belle went to see John and Marlena to let them know she was okay. Belle told them Justin thought the police didn’t have enough evidence. She said it wasn’t as if anyone saw her there. John said he saw her. He said he went over to Charlie’s place and saw her shoot Charlie. Shawn told Ciara that she shouldn’t move. She asked if it was because of Ben. Shawn said Ben was dedicated to finding her. Ciara said she heard all of it before. She wanted him to stop convincing her that she and Ben belonged together. She said she didn’t want him in her life. Shawn said she didn’t have to move. She said she kept telling her to stay away from her, but he wouldn’t listen. She said she wanted to get away from him. She said no one was going to change her mind. Ben told Claire that Theo and Ciara were leaving. He said he had to stop them. Claire wanted to know what he was going to do. He said she was going to help him.

Jan told Nicole that she would have been willing to kill Charlie herself. She said she didn’t because she was in a coma. Belle was upset that John said he saw her kill Charlie. She asked why he didn’t say anything sooner. John said he didn’t remember then. He told her what happened the night he went to Charlie’s place. He said he blacked out and couldn’t account for what happened. He said he heard the shooting. He said he convinced Marlena to hypnotize him. He told her he saw Belle with the gun. He said she was wearing the red coat. Belle said she wasn’t there. She said she was telling the truth. Shawn told Ciara that she didn’t have to leave today. He said to see Hope. Ciara said she didn’t want to be in Salem. She said to tell Hope to meet her South Africa. She didn’t want Ben harassing her again. Shawn said he only showed her mementos. She said Ben tried to stab her with a needle. She asked if he understood why she didn’t want to be around Ben. Shawn asked if she could stay a few more days. Ben told Claire that he was going to kidnap Ciara. Claire told him he wasn’t thinking clearly. He said he was going to take her to the cabin and make her remember him. He said Ciara loved him. He told Claire to think of a way to stop Theo while he kidnapped Ciara. Claire said she wasn’t going to help him. Ben told Claire that Ciara wouldn’t come back if she left. Claire told him Ciara would freak out if she kidnapped her. He said she was wrong. Claire said Ciara only remembered her setting the cabin on fire. He said he would make her remember. She said doing something this drastic was a huge mistake. She said he would push Ciara away. He was upset that Claire wouldn’t distract Theo. She said she was his friend, but she wasn’t going to do it. He said he would do it on his own. Belle asked John if he saw her face. He said he didn’t. Marlena said it could have been someone else. Belle said it was her coat because the button was missing. She said someone else was there. She said she was set up. Nicole told Jan to go back in her coma. Nicole reminded her of what she did to Belle. Jan reminded her of what she did in the past. Nicole said she changed. Jan said she did too, but she has to convince people of it. Jan told Nicole that she was in love with Rafe even though she’s married. While Rafe and Ava were talking, they kissed each other. John told Belle that he saw her wearing her coat. Belle said he saw someone wearing her coat and shot Charlie. Belle wanted to know who would hate her enough to frame her. She said she knew who did it.

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